In Pokemon Ruby your allowed to have up to 6 Pokemon and after that the Pokemon GO somewhere and Im wondering how can i add those to my list of Pokemon and get rid of some Pokemon?

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in any pokeCenter (the place where you heal your Pokemon) there is a PC (in the GBA games its on the desk) go to it and click A and you can move Pokemon between it and your party
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Where can you find a list of all the Pokemon featured in Pokemon Ruby?

Its easy just go to and you will see a list of Pokemon games click on ruby/Sapphire and then once you get to that page press new Pokemon or ruby/Sapphire pokedex t

When do the rockets in Pokemon Ruby go up?

Answer . You mean the rocket at the Space Center in Mossdeep City? Alright, a lot of people say that when the scientist in the Space Center says, "This is successful launch

Going to space in Pokemon Ruby?

in emerald you can just get latios or the other one and get it to level 67 then go to the space center in mossdeep talk to everybody in there and someone will ask you to go to

PP up in Pokemon Ruby?

u can find them in meteor falls, victory road, route 104, and on route 109.

A list of all the Pokemon in Pokemon ruby?

Hoenn # Pokemon Name Types Ability #001 Treecko Overgrow #002 Grovyle Overgrow #003 Sceptile Overgrow #004 Torchic Blaze #005 Combusken Blaze #006 Bl

What are the best 6 Pokemon in ruby?

Blaziken/Sceptile/Swampert,Metagross,Groudon,Rayquaza,Salamence,Heracross(Great damage/Swarm. +10% To bug moves. since its heracross is a bugpokemon bugmoves increases another

What is the Pokemon TM list on Pokemon ruby?

\n. \nTM01 - Focus Punch\nTM02 - Dragon Claw\nTM03 - Water Pulse\n\nTM04 - Calm Wind\nTM05 - Roar\nTM06 - Toxic\nTM07 - Hail\nTM08 - Bulk Up\nTM09 - Bullet Seed\nTM10 - Hidde
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Pokemon diamond pokemon to pokemon ruby?

You can only move pokemon from ruby to diamond, not the other way around, through pal park. You need both games in your ds to do this
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In Pokemon Ruby how do you get up mudslides?

Ok, first go to mauville and go to the place were you can get bikes..... you can't really miss it, then when he gives you the option of two bikes pick the MACH BIKE then go to
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How do you get Pokemon from Pokemon Ruby to Pokemon Diamond?

First you must defeat the Elite Four & see all of the Pokemon in Sinnoh. Second you must reach Pal Park (surf from Sandgem town & keep on surfing). save & restart & you will h