Who were Pygmalion and Galatea?

Pygmalion was a talented sculptor who lived in southern Cyprus. He couldn't find the ideal woman in real world so he created her out of a block of snow-white marble. He talk (MORE)
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Compare and contrast the apparent transformation of Alfred Doolittle into a gentleman in act 5 with Eliza's transformation into a lady?

Alfred Doolittle did not actually transformed into a gentleman.He only succeeded in the physical aspect of becoming a gentlemen.Even after gaining a fortune he still clung to (MORE)

What is pygmalion about?

In mythology, Pygmalion was a sculptor who fell in love with one of his statues. In the play "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw (later the basis for "My Fair Lady"), Professor (MORE)

Who is doolittle in Pygmalion?

There are two "Dootlittles" in Pygmalion. Eliza Doolittle is the protagonist of the play. Eliza is introduced in Act I. She is the one being transformed by Mr. Higgins throug (MORE)

What is the myth Pygmalion about?

Pgymalion, as the Greek myth goes, was a young sculptor of great promise. His statues were very lifelike, especially one depicting a beautiful young woman. Pgymalion called th (MORE)