In Spain what are some traditions or special foods they serve and eat?

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some things they do in Spain is bullfight that is the most important sport in Spain. one traditional dish they eat is paella.
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Traditional foods in Spain?

Some traditional foods of Spain are paella, Spanish potato omeletsor tortilla Espanola, gazpacho, and tapas. Dessert foods caninclude flan, turron (nougat), and polvoron (a ki

What are some traditional food that they eat in Australia?

Tasty ones! Real or stereotypical Australian dishes include: - Dampers (a doughy bread scone type thing) - Pavlovas - Meat Pies - Bangers and mash - Vegemite san

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Many countries have some unspoken rule about how one should eat or behave at the dining table. Italy is no exception. Below are some of the things a tourist needs to know ab

What traditional foods are served during Hanukkah?

Special foods include potato pancakes (latkes) and jelly donuts (sufganiyot). Also, any foods fried in oil are traditional. There isn't anything that could be called a "Han

What is the traditional food of Spain?

There is no single traditional food in Spain. Spain is an amalgamation of former Kingdoms, Counties, and Duchys that speak a common language. They each have distinct tradition

Is American food served in Spain?

Coke, Pepsi, MacDonald's, Burger King, and Little Caesers outlets are in Spain. Pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy is more difficult to find, as is apple pie. Hamburgs a
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What are some traditional foods of Barcelona Spain?

In Barcelona breakfast is usually eaten on the go in the form of a bar snack. This would include a coffee with some sort of pastry. A croissant or cream-filled pastry such as
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When are traditional foods served in Ireland?

In Ireland, potatoes are eaten with most meals. Stew containing meat, potatoesand/or celery and carrots. Lamb is partically popular for a meat. Buttermilk is also popular and
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Why is paella a traditional food in Spain?

Paella is not a traditional Spanish food. It is a traditional food in the area of Valencia. There are many, many kinds of Paella. Almost all of them contain rice in some q