In The Lion King Who Is Nala?

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Its the little girl lion who Simba plays with. They eventually end up marrying.
Moira Kelly .
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Who plays nala in the Lion King?

The following actresses/singers are: Niketa Calame (young Nala's speaking voice) Moira Kelly (adult Nala's speaking voice) Laura Williams (young Nala's singing voice in "I Ju

What is Nala from the Lion Kings moms name? may be Sarafina now that I think about it. (it sounds familiar to me enough), If not try and see if you can watch the movie or ask some of your friends. Yes it is de

Who is Nalas mate from the Lion King?

Simba is Nala's mate. They had two cubs, Kopa and Kiara. It is unknown what happened to Kopa. Some people think Zira killed him and others think Zira attacked him but he lived

How does nala help in the Lion King?

Nala helped during the film by trying to convince Simba to take his place as king. Although, it didn't work, but it did lead Simba to seeing his father's spirit which really c

What are nala from the Lion King strengths?

Nala's strengths in The Lion King are that she is independent, spunky, a bit smarter and stronger than Simba, and brave enough to leave her homeland to find help.

Who plays Nala in Lion King?

Moira Kelly is the voice of the adult Nala, and Niketa Calame is the voice of young Nala, in the movie.
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Who was the voice of Nala in The Lion King?

There are actually two nalas in the movie. There is an adult Nala who is played by Moria kelley, then there is Nikete Calame who plays the younger nala.