In Virginia if a waiter does not make minimum wage is the employer responsible to make up the difference?

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I used to work as a server here in NC and while the laws do state that employers are suppose to make up the difference, they usually don't. Everywhere I have worked, save for one place, ALWAYS went back in the computer system and changed my wages (claimed tips) so it would appear that I made over minimum wage, and leave me earning approximately $2.25/hr. So yes, while they are suppose to, I would venture to say that they won't.
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If a waitress counts her tips and they equal less than the minimum wage for the hours worked is the employer responsible to make up her pay to at least minimum wage?

Minimum wage . The minimum wage for restaurant, diner, and bar servers is much lower than the minimum for other workers. Your employer is obligated to pay you the server mi

What is the minimum wage in Virginia?

Virginia's minimum wage is the federal minimum $7.25 per hour, or $2.13 per hour for tipped employees, as per the Fair Labor Standards Act.

What is minimum wage for waitresses in Virginia?

It is 2.13 an hour. Technically, if a server does not receive at least $5.12 an hour in tips, an employer is also supposed to provide enough compensation such that the waitres

What is the minimum wage in North Carolina for waiters?

\n. \nIt's $7.50\n. \n. \n>> The person that put $7.50 is out of their mind. That's more than minimum wage in NC, period... must less for servers. As of right now, the mini

Can your employer make you work for lower wage?

can a employer make you work for lower wage to get out of paying unenployment An employer can lower your wage, and you can accept that or leave. Lowering your wage does not

How much would you make in a year on minimum wage?

This really depends on the jurisdiction and their corresponding minimum wage laws. Without knowing tax deductions, holiday pay, vacation time, etc. and assuming full time ho
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What is waiter minimum wage?

$6.40 per hour\n. \n. \n. \n. \n . $2.40 an hour (it is one of the lowest legal wages, due to expectation of tips).
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How much does minimum wage make a week?

Minimum wage is currently $7.25 per hour. If the job is full-time at 40 hours per week, then that makes $290 (before taxes and other deductions).