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In a divorce who gets custody of a child born in the USA if one parent is an illegal alien?

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i'm sorry, but that last bit of info is not accurate. I am petitioning for a baby right now whose mother likes to run around and have fun more than she wanted her baby, so i filed for custody. He was taken to foster care, but the father challenged my petition and is currently enrolled in the process of pleasing the court enough to take the child into his own custody. The court tried to order that his custody of the child would be contingent on, amomg other things, learning to speak English, and becoming a legal resident of the USA. The court did deem that way too difficult and time consuming. Now, I have also dealt with immigration alot, and I know it is way too expensive to just come out for one person.
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How do you divorce an illegal alien in Florida?

The immigration status of a spouse should have no factor in getting  a divorce in Florida. If there are children involved some issues  may arise. Consulting an attorney woul

Why is a child born in the US to illegal aliens a citizen?

The order of law invovled, jus soli, was enacted with the 14th amendment to grant citizenship to all aboriginal people of continent US and extraterritorial regions under US co

How do you divorce an illegal alien?

  Answer     Follow the same procedure as if the person were a citizen rather than an illegal immigrant. File the dissolution of marriage petition in the proper c

When does the non-custodial parent's medical insurance coverage stop for a child of divorced parents?

It would depend on why it stopped. If the non-custodial parent lost his or her job and their medical insurance along with it, the courts may not expect the unemployed parent t

What child custody rights does a male illegal alien married to a female US citizen have if they divorce?

  Answer     All biological parents have the right to petition for custody of their child or children, regardless of their resident status. However, depending upo

If one parent has full custody of a child and that parent dies will the living parent get the child?

Yes, unless the living parent has a court order not allowing them to be with the child in that case the child would go to the next relative that is willing to take the child.

How do you get a divorce from a deported illegal alien?

Perhaps you have grounds for an annulment if you can demonstrate that he married you to become a citizen. This would mean that he didn't enter into the contract honestly. You

What age can a child decide which parent gets custody in Oregon?

To make an overall decision? Age 18. To express an opinion, age 12. A judge will evaluate that opinion, along with a GAL report, as it applies to the overall evidence prese

Can an illegal alien get a divorce?

Yes, illegal aliens can obtain a divorce if they meet their state's minimum residency requirement.   In the USA, basic Constitutional rights, such as the rights of free s

If you have joint custody can one parent take the child out of state?

United States Generally no, not permanently nor long term. That parent cannot interfere with the parental rights of the other parent which include the visitation schedule. Th
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An unmarried couple has a child and on parent dies who gets custody?

In most places the surviving parent will automatically be considered to have custody. If there is a reason that this should not happen, the court will appoint a guardian. Ot
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Can the step parent take custody a step child in a divorce?

While rare it has happened. Typically, the noncustodial parent must have a criminal or abusive history and have had parental rights severely limited or terminated. The custodi