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In a divorce who gets custody of a child born in the USA if one parent is an illegal alien?

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i'm sorry, but that last bit of info is not accurate. I am petitioning for a baby right now whose mother likes to run around and have fun more than she wanted her baby, so i filed for custody. He was taken to foster care, but the father challenged my petition and is currently enrolled in the process of pleasing the court enough to take the child into his own custody. The court tried to order that his custody of the child would be contingent on, amomg other things, learning to speak English, and becoming a legal resident of the USA. The court did deem that way too difficult and time consuming. Now, I have also dealt with immigration alot, and I know it is way too expensive to just come out for one person.
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What child custody rights does a male illegal alien married to a female US citizen have if they divorce?

  Answer     All biological parents have the right to petition for custody of their child or children, regardless of their resident status. However, depending upo

Do you have to pay child support even if the custodial parent is an illegal alien?

Yes.   Child support is ordered by the state court of jurisdiction.   Immigration issues are federal jurisdiction matters.   Even though there are a few states and/or

Who gets custody of a girl child after divorce?

Depends on the parents and what the court find is best for the child. Most courts likes to see shared custody so the child has access to both parents. The gender of the child
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Is it illegal to make the custodial parent pay child support?

It's rare for the custodial parent to have to pay child support, but it does happen. It usually only occurs in one of three situations: 1. The custodial parent makes signifi

Can child support be reduced if the custodial parent gets a job?

yes It's possible but unlikely because, in general, child support is based on the obligor's net income. In some countries like Australia, parental child support is based on

Can a parent of a woman getting divorced in the state of Rhode Island be an influence on the courts decision in favor of said woman in a child custody case if woman is unable to support the child?

Potentially yes, especially if the woman is living with or receiving documented financial assistance from her parents. The courts consider all sources of income as well as the