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In a document the appendix is information that is listed at the end of a report, thesis, or book. It contains information you reference in the body but that is too long or not relevant enough or doesn't "fit" into the body. It will be helpful to readers who want further background but it is not essential to the report/book. Raw data, a questionnaire used, etc. may be found in an appendix.
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Where is your appendix?

Your appendix is at the Ileocecul junction, which is where theileum from your small intestine and the cecum from your colon meet.It is located on the right lower quadrant of your abdomen. The appendix is located at the lower right quadrant of the abdomenand it is connected to the cecum which is part of the largeintestine. The cecum is a pouch at the beginning of the largeintestine and not the end, the end is the anus. There have been some cases where the location has been moremid-abdomen, which can cause dangerous delays in diagnosis. The appendix is usually located in the right lower quadrant of theabdomen, near the right hip bone. Its position within the abdomen corresponds to a point on thesurface known as McBurney's point. While the base of the appendix is at a fairly constant location, 2cm below the ileocecal valve, the location of the tip of the appendix can vary from beingretrocecal (behind the cecum) (74%) to being in the pelvis to beingextraperitoneal (occurring or located outside the peritonealcavity).

What does the appendix do?

Certain evolution-minded people think that it is the remnant of anorgan that allowed our ancestors to digest cellulose, enabling themto eat greenery. However, there are several opposing schools ofthought regarding this. Recent findings indicate that the appendixis not actually as useless as has been previously thought, and mayplay an important role in various physiological functions such asthe human immune system. Long ago when food was dirty, the appendix separated dirt fromfood. Kind of like a filter for the body. Now that our food isclean, it is no longer usable. Some times it may get infected. Ifthat happens, (appendicitis) you must have surgery to get it outbefore it explodes. Scientists today do not actually know what the actual function ofthe appendix even is - some say that it is a vestigial organ,others say that it is an important factor in the immune system, andothers say that it can function as a storehouse for helpfulbacteria during an illness which kills all the other intestinalbacteria. Because we do not know what the appendix's functionreally is, this question has no real answer. the appendix has no use. You don't need appendix. It is a vestigial structure that onlymight get in your way if it becomes inflamed. However, recent research shows that it creates helpful bacteria. The appendix has been shown in recent years to help produce certainenzymes which can ward off some disease. Answer 2: Just because we don't know the reason for some feature inan organism does not mean that it doesn't have an important role toplay. For example, so called vestigial organs were once thought toshow that the human body and other organisms were poorly designed.The appendix and tonsils, for instance, were once thought to bevestigial organs and were removed. But then it was discovered thatthese organs play a role in the immune system, and they are nolonger considered vestigial. (see 9/06 Awake article pg 12 AnInterview With a Biochemist on Jehovah's Witness official website)

What is the appendix?

Small, saclike organ. It is a vestiginal organ in humans, it has virtually no function. It is a vestigial organ that people no longer need... It is believed to have been used for digestive purposes but now... no because people did not require it... It can get appendicitis. In other animals, it is called a Cecum. It's used for nothing but recently some scientists think it could be part of the immune system. We really don't know

What do you do if your appendix is hurting?

Answer . Get to the ER IMMEDIATELY! Your appendix can burst and cause you to become extremely ill!

Do animals have an appendix?

Some animals do have Appendix . Some do.... The Opossum, Rabbit, Wombat do. According to Duke University study. Debby Stocks - Complete Care Animal Hospital Huntsville, Al

Why do you have an appendix?

The reason we have an appendix is unknown. I twas once thought that it could have helped our ancestors digest food more easily. The reason for our (humans) appendix is unclear. It may produce bacteria to fight off illness.

Why do humans have an appendix?

There are several in the body. You are asking about the one attached to the colon (digestive tract)? This one is often called the vermiform appendix because it looks like a worm. There are several ideas why we have these. Some say this is "left over" as we evolved. Others say that it is important in the way that the immune system works. The last group thinks that important and helpful bacteria are found here and repopulate the intestine after many are killed during an infection. No final conclusion has been reached.

Why do people have am appendix?

Answer . It hold bacteria, that is why people get them removed, if they don't and it explodes the bacteria inside the walls of the appendix can poison the person to death.

Where is appendix pain?

Answer . Appendix pain is difficult to exactly pinpoint until it reaches the later more serious stages. Usually it begins as centralized abdominal pain, and later moves to the lower right side. Don't necessarily wait until this latter symptom happens. See a doctor soon.

How do you remove an appendix?

This will take a very common operation, its what we call an "Appendectomy". You will need a General sugreon and a Anesthesiologist. There are two ways this procedure is done. The perferred method is done laproscopicly, meaning using a camera with a minimal incision site. The other way is "Open" meaing the incision site is much larger about 12 inches in your right lower abdomen. An open appendectomy is only done when the surgeon is not sure the appendix is the problem of cause. This way they can look and feel around for other causes for your symptoms.

What system is the appendix in?

The appendix is anatomically part of the digestion system but its'function is part of the immune system.

What to include in an appendix?

Include any matter added to the end of a book that is not essentialto its main argument. It may be an explanation of an event borrowedfrom another author and acknowledges that authors permission to usethe extract.

What is the function of the appendix?

Researchers say it acts as a safe house for good bacteria, which can be used to effectively reboot the gut following a bout of dysentery or cholera. This more frequently occurs today as a result of antibiotic therapy. It is also a source of endocrine secretions in the human fetus. The appendix - has no known physiological function in adult humans but probably represents a degenerated portion of the cecum that, in ancestral forms, aided in cellulose digestion. It is believed that the appendix will gradually disappear in human beings as our diet no longer utilizes cellulose. For years, the appendix was credited with very little physiological function. We now know, however, that the appendix serves an important role in the fetus and in young adults. Endocrine cells appear in the appendix of the human fetus at around the 11th week of development. These endocrine cells of the fetal appendix have been shown to produce various biogenic amines and peptide hormones, compounds that assist with various biological control (homeostatic) mechanisms. There had been little prior evidence of this or any other role of the appendix in animal research, because the appendix does not exist in domestic mammals. --- (see also the related link)

Why does the appendix burst?

well i saw a documentry and it said the appendix is to collect nail,hair,andseeds so if it fills up it cannot hold it anymore

What is the function for the appendix?

The appendix currently serves no useful function in the human body. It is believed that the appendix used to have a useful function, but over the years, the human body has evolved in such a way that the appendix is now extraneous tissue.

Why appendix imflame?

The appendix will inflame when you eat cooked black pepper among other things that you may be allergic to and that will irritate the appendix. Uncooked black pepper has no adverse effect on the appendix.

Do you need your appendix out?

You don't really need your appendix out. Some people get too much bacteria in it and it has to be removed to protect the rest of you body though.

Do monkeys have an appendix?

this is just an educated guess but i am going to say yes because their anatomy is so close to that of a human. or at least that is what i was taught in human anatomy. i believe it to be like 96% alike.

What do you use your appendix for?

The function of the appendix is not known for certain. It has been speculated that they function as an alarm for the immune system. The appendix will hold samples of all of the bacteria present in the large intestine. The body can then detect them and react accordingly. This is similar to how the tonsils are thought to help the immune system by sampling things we swallow to alert the immune system of what we just ingested.

Do dogs have an appendix?

No. The appendix is the vestigial (now mostly useless) caecum found in humans. Dogs do not have an 'appendix', but they do have a small caecum (a coiled organ), which does not have a very important role (unlike the caecum in herbivores).

Purpose of appendix?

The appendix is a vestigial organ. It may have served an actual purpose at one point in time in our evolutionary ancestors, but in our bodies it is useless.

What does an appendix resemble?

Because of its shape it is called the vermiform appendix, and that means it resembles a worm.

What does the appendix do in a tiger?

The appendix keeps the gut supplied with "friendly bacteria" which keeps the "bad" bacteria in check. Appendicitis happens when the "bad" bacteria overpopulates and begins to overtake the appendix.. Researchers in the United States say the appendix produces and protects good germs for the gut by "rebooting" the digestive system.. The team of immunologists at Duke University Medical Center say the human digestive system contains massive amounts of bacteria most of which are good and help the digestion of food.. However the researchers say sometimes the bacteria die off or are purged from the intestines as in diseases such as cholera or dysentery. Antibiotics do not discriminate "good" and "bad" bacteria. They kill all bacteria. Too many antibiotics can also be an issue for intestinal flora ("friendly bacteria") to survive. The result of the good bacteria population being wiped out is that the bad bacteria will more easily take over. Yeast infections are also more apt to flourish without the good bacteria to keep the yeast in check.. According to the researchers, the appendix's job is to "reboot" the digestive system when that happens with the bacteria safely harbored in the appendix.. Many doctors, unfortunately still believe the appendix is a vestigial organ with no function and is no more than a blind ended tube connected to the cecum, from which it develops embryologically.

What does the appendix in a tiger do?

just like humans, it has no use because they are carnivores that evolved from herbivores

What side is your appendix on?

Your appendix is on the right side of your body. If you feel a sharp, consistent pain there, you should see a doctor. More information from our contributors: . To be a little more specific, it is in what we call the right lower quadrant of the abdomen; meaning if you divide your abdomen into four sections, it's in the lower one on the right. If you draw a diagonal line from your umbilicus (belly button) down to your hip bone on the right, the appendix is usually about 2/3 of the way down this line to the bone. However, certain conditions - such as pregnancy or previous surgery - can change the location of the appendix. . Actually, although both are correct in that it is USUALLY found on the right side of the body, and Dr. B was very precise in his/her description of the location, there is a condition called situs inversus in which the internal organs are found on the opposite sides of the body - in which case, the appendix would be found on the left. While if ALL of the organs are reversed this causes no problems physiologically, it often causes great confusion because there is no consistent answer to the original question. Also, when an appendix is normally located, pressure applied to the left side of the abdomen often results in pain on the right. This is called Rovsing's sign and happens because the stretching of the peritoneum (the inner lining of the abdominal cavity) will cause pain only where the peritoneum is irritating the muscle tissue, which in most appendicitis cases is on the right. However, because abdominal nerves are poorly localized, sometimes the brain will interpret pain on the right as coming from the left, or pain on the left as coming from the right, and sometimes it will interpret pain from either side as coming from the middle. . Normally it is on the right side, lower quadrant. However, each person is slightly different. About 1 in 500 have it on the right side, upper quadrant. There are others that have all of their internal organs reversed so that it would be on the left side, lower quadrant.

How does your appendix explode?

the appendix is a useless organ that was used back only in cavemen times. now it is just a small pouch in the intestines. sometimes food will become lodged in there and start to rot causing an infection and the area to swell. after it swell to a certain point it ruptures.

Why is the appendix vestigial?

The appendix is not considered to be entirely vestigial. However, its original functions may no longer be needed. It has been found to have an important function in the immune system. But someone who has their appendix removed is not at any particular risk.

What is appendix used for?

It is matter added at the end of a book, but not essential to its main argument

What is the pourpose of an appendix?

It is considered as a vestigial structure.Its function was to house cellulose digesting bacteria in ancient human.But along with the evolution,appendix has lost bacteria in it. Appendix serves as a safe house for useful bacteria when a disease flushes the intestine

What region is the appendix?

\nLower, right abdomen, but a small percent of people have it on their left side.\n. \nIt is located approximately where you finger would be if you inserted your hand in the front pocket of your blue jeans.

How does appendix get infected?

honestly i do not know i believe they havent found out yet how it does get infected mine has and i still dont know why

How many appendix do you have?

A person only has one appendix. There is no known function of the appendix in humans.

Is your appendix important?

The answer to that question is not really known, as there are several differing factions arguing over the actual purpose of this organ. Some think that humans have evolved to the point where the appendix isn't needed any more, after it had served some service during our hypothetical evolution. Others say that the appendix produces vital antibiotics and beneficial bacteria during the fetal and infant stage of the human, as experiments have shown that it is rich in lymphoid cells, which fight infection. Another theory as to it's function is that it serves as a storage dock for useful bacteria when infection flushes out the body, but there is very little evidence to support this. The bottom line is that while the appendix probably has a function, we have not studied it enough to know what it does.

What is the role for the appendix?

\nThis question is still unanswered today some believe it helps combat disease but this is not proven other than that... nothing.

Can your appendix hurt?

Very much so if it becomes inflamed.. You will need to seek immediate medical assistance.. In some cases when the appendix bursts (peritonitis) it can prove fatal

What is gangrenous appendix?

It is very painful. Basically it is gangrene that has formed on the appendix. This means the appendix is rotten.

What are facts about the appendix?

Veriform appendix . "veriform" is a Latin word meaning "worm-shaped" . The exact position of the appendix can vary. Most often it is found behind the caecum (retrocaecal 64% of cases), and least often found behind the ileum (postileal 0.5% of cases) . The appendix plays a role in manufacturing hormones in foetal development as well as exposing the body the antigen to force it to produce antibodies, thus "training" the immune system . Appendectomies are the most common surgical emergencies of the abdomen in the world

What is the purpose of a appendix?

Some scientists have done some studying. They believe that the appendix is not so useless. They believe the produce and protect 'good' germs.

Does a pig have an appendix?

yes No. In pigs, the cecum has a pouch that holds bacteria that aid in digestion. It is an active part of the digestive system. In humans, it has evolved into a vestigial appendix.

What is an appendix page?

An appendix page is attached to every research essay or assignment. It is a detailed record of every author, journal, text and any other source you have used to gain information, quote and draw conclusions from to support your work. It is essential to your assignment to ensure that you acctually did the work and did not copywright anything.

Why does my appendix hurt?

You may have appendicitis, or an infection of the appendix. I highly recommend you see a doctor as soon as possible to avoid further harm.

Does the appendix have to be removed?

In most people, the appendix never causes problems and never needs to be removed. If it becomes severely infected, it should be removed.

Do men have an appendix?

Yes, both men and women have an appendix and can be prone to having an appendicitis.

When do you need to get your appendix out?

When it ruptures most of the time is when your suppose to get it out. Other then that you can leave it in.

Does the appendix have enzymes?

the appendix does not have enzymes which is why we can not digest fibre,it does not play a vital role in our body

What is the prefix for appendix?

It would be ap. Since Pendix is an actual word, and the prefix always goes before it the prefix would be ap. And together they will form appendix :)

Do hamsters have an appendix?

Yes they do. The appendix plays an important digestive role for vegetarian animals, as well as ominvores that consume a lot of plant matter. Unlike our appendix which is vestigial and is not used, the hamster does use its appendix.

Why appendix has to be removed?

A person may have to have their appendix removed if it becomes infected. If the appendix ruptures, the infection can spread throughout the body and cause major problems.

Why does the appendix have to be removed?

Appendix is vestigial organ. That means it is useless organ in human being. You can safely and easily remove the same. Acute appendicitis is very painful condition. Secondly it can kill you if not treated properly.

Why is an appendix important?

No one really knows for sure. One of the most successful currenttheories is that it acts as a reservoir and place of safety for the"good" intestinal bacteria.