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In biology an evolutionary innovation is also referred to as a?

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Derived Characters.
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What evolutionary innovation is associated with the simplest animals the sponges?

multicellularity ------------------------------------------------ Sponges are simple aggregations of single cells which come togetherfor mutual benefit. If you liquidise a spo

What is the relationship between ecology and evolutionary biology?

Ecology is the study of all living organisms and their interactions with each other and their nonliving environment and since organisms evolve due to evolutionary pressures fr

What is Evolutionary Biology?

Answer: Evolutionary BiologyEvolutionary Biology is the study of how cellgroups have changed tissues in animals in order to adapt to the climate, and how different tissues cam
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The evolutionary trend of bipedalism refers to the?

  This refers to the process by which early/primitive evolving humans began to walk upright (Bipedalism - on two feet).   This had several advantages listed below