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In dogs short hair is dominant over long hair. Two short haired dogs are the parents of a litter of eight puppies. Six puppies have short hair and two have long hair. What are the genotypes of parents?

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Well, it really depends. You have to look at their pedigree and find out if anyone in their family has long hair. Such as the grandpa or grandma. 2 short hair dachsunds had 4 puppies. 3 were short haired and one was long. Their next litter was 2:2 and their last litter was 2:2 again. The dads parents both had long hair.
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Two short haired guinea pigs are mated several times out of 100 offspring 25 of them have long hair what are the probable genotypes of the parents?

It's obvious from this problem that short hair is dominant in guinea pigs. In that case, if we have 25 out of 100 offspring that have long hair, then there is no doubt that th

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