In dogs short hair is dominant over long hair. Two short haired dogs are the parents of a litter of eight puppies. Six puppies have short hair and two have long hair. What are the genotypes of parents?


Next year, we'll see you co-starring in the highly anticipated CW sci-fi drama, "The Messengers". What can you tell us about it?

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Is it better to have long or short hair?

long because when i get up everyday i have to wash my hair because it sticks up everywhere i have short hair but im growing it dont have it short youll regret it
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If you have short hair how long does it take for your hair to grow to your shoulders?

An average person's hair grows at about 1/2 inch to and 1 inch per month. Trimming your hair does not make it grow faster, this is a myth. It is healthy to get a trim, but the (MORE)

Using Hair Color Products on Long Hair

Changing hair color is an easy and fun way of expressing and improving yourself. Salon appointments are easy to make but not absolutely necessary because of the wide variety o (MORE)

Four Ways to Style Long Hair

Having long hair can be a joyful experience. Let your creative juices flow by seeing your mane as a work of art waiting to become a masterpiece. Here we will discuss four ways (MORE)

Straightening it Out: Tricks to Smoothing Curly Hair

Straightening hair can feel like a marathon. Blow dryers, roller sets, and flat irons, oh my. Developing a routine is one of the best ways to easily straighten curly hair or c (MORE)

Tips for Coordinating Bangs With Trendy Short Hair Styles

Bangs are a great addition to any hair style. However, there are some styles of bangs that are more suited for short hair cuts. Here are some tips for coordinating bangs with (MORE)

New and Creative Hairstyles for Women With Long Hair

In terms of haircuts, long hair is especially versatile as there is so much hair with which to work. From tumbling waves to complex braids and updos, long hair can be styled i (MORE)

Lovely Long Haircut Styles

If you're lucky enough to have long hair, you have numerous different hairstyles to choose from. Whether your face is round, long, heart-shaped or square, you're sure to find (MORE)

Which is better short hair or long hair?

They are both beautiful. If you are looking to cut your hair, I wouldn't go as short as a Pixie cut, but it's still good. Don't go to long, because then it gets really hard to (MORE)
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A long haired hamster is mated with a short haired hamster Half of the offspring are long haired and half are short haired What does this concludes about the long hair parent hamster?

It concludes there was a shorthaired hamster somewhere in its lineage.  Hamsters' hair length is controlled by genes, and they call the results of the genes "traits." It rec (MORE)
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Is a tabby cat short haired or long haired?

Well, thats a little hard to explain. There is the american shorthair, which is a tabby breed that is short haired. But you can also have long haired tabbies, not nessasarely (MORE)