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Is it better to have long or short hair?

long because when i get up everyday i have to wash my hair because it sticks up everywhere i have short hair but im growing it dont have it short youll regret it
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What makes you run faster short hair or long hair?

Usually short hair is more suitable for running because it is very light and is off of your neck so you won't be as hot. But long hair is not that much heavier but can be on y (MORE)
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If you have short hair how long does it take for your hair to grow to your shoulders?

An average person's hair grows at about 1/2 inch to and 1 inch per month. Trimming your hair does not make it grow faster, this is a myth. It is healthy to get a trim, but the (MORE)

Useful Puppy Care Tips for Your New Pet

A puppy requires a great deal of care. When you bring a new puppy home, everything is new and strange to him. It is also new and will take some time for everyone in your house (MORE)
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Puppy Care 101

You've just brought home a new puppy. Now what? What should you feed your new puppy? How do you house train the puppy? What kind of grooming does your new puppy need? When sho (MORE)

Puppy Play Tips and Ideas

Puppy play is an important part of your dog's development: when your puppy is playing, he is learning. If you have ever watched a mother dog and her puppies at play, you will (MORE)

Two short haired guinea pigs are mated several times out of 100 offspring 25 of them have long hair what are the probable genotypes of the parents?

It's obvious from this problem that short hair is dominant in guinea pigs. In that case, if we have 25 out of 100 offspring that have long hair, then there is no doubt that th (MORE)
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A long haired hamster is mated with a short haired hamster Half of the offspring are long haired and half are short haired What does this concludes about the long hair parent hamster?

It concludes there was a shorthaired hamster somewhere in its lineage.  Hamsters' hair length is controlled by genes, and they call the results of the genes "traits." It rece (MORE)
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Do girls like boys with long hair or short hair?

It honestly depends ... Girls like both. It depends on your eye color and skin color.super long is gross. just get a cut your comfortable with.
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