In Dragon Ball Z who is stronger cell or frieza?

In Dragon Ball Z who is stronger cell or frieza?
Cell. In one episode, King Kai and Goku talk about him and Kai actually says Cell is stronger than Frieza. Also you have to take their abilities into retrospect. Freiza can transform to improve his power, so can cell. Cell has Freiza's abilities and his own as well. But if it's cells first form, Freiza's stronger, if it's his imperfect form, their pretty much even, but in his perfect form, there is no contest. And Goku couldn't even beat him, even with a years worth of training in super saiyan, he still couldn't beat him, and also the entire Z-fighter crew couldn't beat him until gohan got angry and went berserk. So bottom line, Cell could take on four super saiyans, Freiza couldn't even take on one. Need I say more?
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Where did cell come from Dragon Ball Z?

he was created in a lab by Dr.Gero. to be the 'ultimate android' but was actualy biological and made up of the cells from the strongest Z warriors and can thus have their spec (MORE)

Is frieza from Dragon Ball Z a girl or boy?

he is a boy just that they were originaly goin to make him into a girl but they decide to go with it bein a boy and just keep the voice     Freiza is a he. The people (MORE)
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Who is cell in Dragon Ball Z?

Cell is an android from the future. He has a cell of each powerful saiyan like goku, piccolo and krillin. Then he went to the past to absorb androids 17 and 18 to go in his pe (MORE)

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Why is Dragon Ball Z Kai ending at the cell saga?

Toei Animation created Dragonball Z Kai for the anniversary of the original Dragonball Z series as a revision, removing most filler episodes and scenes from the anime to make (MORE)

Who is Frieza on Dragon Ball Z?

  Fieza is the bad guy who goes to planet namek in search of dragon balls to gain eternal life.His dad is king cold , his brother is Cooler. He summons the Famous Ginyu Fo (MORE)

What is the dragon from Dragon Ball Z called?

Well I am pretty sure it's Shenron? I don't know if I spelled it right though. Sorry hope that helps. Person #2: The person above me spelled Shenron right, and was correct for (MORE)