In house MD What is Greg House's apartment style called?

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Newport-style/ New England-style
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What are real jobs that are similar to Dr. Gregory House's in the series House MD?

\n. \n A Diagnostician and a Treatment Specialist and a Nephrologist. Those are all what Dr.Gregory House is. \n. \n --------------------------------------------

In the program House what happened to House's leg?

Dr. Houses leg had mussle death due to an infarction during surgery. He was going to have it amputated but stibornly refused to have his leg emoved despite the large amount of

What were Tudor style houses called?

I assume you mean buildings, as there was only one family House of Tudor. the term sometimes applied to the architectural style was Half-Timbered on roofing and upperworks. It

How many rooms in the full house's house?

Family Room . Kitchen/Dining Room . Basement/Recording Studio . Dj Tanners Room . Stephanie & Michelle's Room . Danny Tanner's Room . Bathroom . Joey Gladstone's Room .