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In my Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time in chapter 10 Dusknoir when loudred and chatot finished talking about how famous dusknoir is the screen turns black and the game freezes. Help?

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you should either start over or return ur game that's all i can think of
if you haven't returned it yet then you should go to gamestop or some other game store and show them what happens and ask them what you should do.
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How do you beat dusknoir in explorers of time?

  Sleep seeds, revivers, blasts, etc.   Try throwing a sleep seed at him then run away, and start using moves like shock wave, bubblebeam, flamethrower, etc. Anything t

How do you beat dusknoir on Pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time I am almost level 40 and I keep dying I just tried for the 20th time No joke Please can I have some help?

Hey. This is someone different. What I did was chuck a few stuns and sleep seeds at him and then while he was stunned or asleep I would attack the Sableye, I brought three r

How do you beat dusknoir in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of darkness?

  just throw some totter seeds at duskinor or x eye seeds or maybye sleep,stun or blinker seeds and if u want try to get a move like discharge that hits all enemys in the

How do you get to chapter five in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explors of time?

i suggest you buy the strategey book from barnes & noble or toys r us or gamestop then turn to page 3 go down to chapter 5 and do what it says..veronica   the easiest wa

What is the wondermail code for Dusknoir into Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time?

there isn't a way to obtain dusknoir through wondermail but u can get a duskull evolve him into dusclops then trade dusclops with a reaper cloth (repaer thing..) and when trad

How do you beat dusknoir on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time?

1. Have lots of reviver seeds 2. Make sure you or your partner knows moves like detect, agility, ect. 3. Use detect/agility at the beginning of battle. 4. Turn on some epic mu

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Sky how do you beat dusknoir?

Thinking strategically, knock out Dusknoir first using a sleep seed, x-eye seed, totter seed, or stun seed, then deal with the Sabeleye with everything you've got. It would be
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When do you finish Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explorers of time and darkness?

Im guessing the same as explorers of sky cuz its like the same thing.... so if im right than once u beat dialga at temporal spiral. this is a different person i am imporving t