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Is Ben 10 a TV show?

Answer \n. \n \n. \n Yes its a cartoon known as anime which is on channel 9 on Saturday morning. \n. \nIt is also a show on Cartoonnetwork®. It is about a ten year (MORE)

Will there be any new episodes of Ben 10?

The original Ben-10 ceased production in 2008, however there is areboot that appears to be geared towards younger audiences thatbegan airing on Cartoon Network's international (MORE)

Is Gwen on Ben 10 older then Ben?

No - They are both 10 years old in the original series and 15 years old in Alien Force. Despite only being cousins, they were actually born on the same day (as revealed in "Ca (MORE)

Is Gwen and ben on ben 10 are cousins?

Yes! In fact, Gwen's name is Gwendolyn Tennyson and Ben's is Benjamin Tennyson and the both called Grandpa Max Grandpa and also Gwen calls Ben's mom Aunt Sandra. In Ben 1 (MORE)
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Which episode in ben 10 Gwen is meanest?

probably midnight madness. in that episode she slapped Ben, made him volunteer a hypnotist show, shows Ben the pictures of Ben being hypnotized, and to keep him awake she thre (MORE)