In season 3 of what I like about you Val- Jennie Garth almost marrys her high school boyfriend Rick- who designs the wedding dress that she was going to wear shown in the episode the wedding 2?

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the dress that "val" is wearing is made by Reem Acra.
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Who is the designer or a picture of the wedding dress from the episode of The Always and Forever that Fancy wore?

Answer . The best thing you can do is phone the TV Station that has 'Always & Forever' and ask for Director. Garren Keith. They will usually be happy to tell you the information you are looking for.. 10 years ago I had my Silver Wedding Anniversary and there was a song on 'All My Children' that (MORE)

Why was Jennie Garth not at Tiffani Thiessen's wedding?

Answer . She was there. Tiffani Amber Thiessen and husband Brady Smith's wedding rehearsal dinner was held at the rooftop venue El Cielo, with guests who included former cast mates from 90210, Tori Spelling, Jason Priestly and Jennie Garth.. (MORE)

How do you dress a boy to wear a wedding dress?

First of all, it is very important for brides to research the market. One of the tools for that is online auctions, where women can find very good sales and/or get a much better idea of what they can expect to spend. Here are some of the best online wedding dress stores.

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5 C's of Credit refer to the factors that lenders of money evaluate to determine credit worthiness of a borrower. They are the following:. 1. Borrower's CHARACTER. 2. Borrower's CAPACITY to repay the loan. 3. COLLATERAL or security/guarantee for the obligation. 4. Borrower's CAPITAL (business ne (MORE)

How do you design wedding dresses?

there are some points you can review : first,you need consider the color you like second,consider the style of your wedding dress : For example, if you are going to wear a silver necklace, you can choose the V neck wedding dresses. third, the dress should go well with your wedding theme. No (MORE)

Can you wear a strapless dress to a wedding?

Yes you can. The bride is the focal point, but you could wear a nice floral strapless dress that isn't long. That's acceptable. Not to be rude but since when did you come and tell people what they can and cant wear? yes,but make sure you wont outdo the bride.

Can you wear a black dress to a wedding?

It's difficult to find boundaries when it comes to fashion, nowadays. Although, there are some social events, like weddings for instance, where one should follow the protocol more closely. Having said that, it's TOTALLY acceptable to wear a black dress to a wedding as long as it is a tasteful on (MORE)

Can you wear a red dress at a wedding?

That is a tradition of Chinese people on their wedding day. But i t is the bride to wear a red dress with the development of economy and culture there is no limit to this , so i think you can wear a red dress at a wedding .

What dress did Bella wear for the wedding?

Bella remained oblivious to her wedding dress . Whenever Alice put her into it, she went off to her mental happy place, and thus never really noticed the details. Since the book is from her point of view, we never got the details either. Although, if I remember correctly, it was a slightly old-fash (MORE)

Who designed Angela's wedding dress on Bones?

I'm not sure but it reminds me of a few wedding gowns made by Brazilian designer Elma Reis: (MORE)

What dress to wear for spring wedding?

Depending on the dresscode you can wear a dress that comes just above your knees with a jersey or coverup I just discovered that asos have a collection called 'asos white', which is a collection of clothes crafted in premium fabrics such as cashmere & silk - They have some really nice dresses!

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How do you get a wedding dress on the Sims 2?

It comes with a wedding dress if you buy the wedding arch but it will only be while you are getting married and after. Sims2 Celebration stuff pack has many wedding dresses and you could buy them individually from the sims store as well.

How do you get a wedding dress on The Sims 3?

From what ive heard you just join the medical career as normal and once you've been promoted to at least a level 3 its then that you start to do other medical stuff that you couldn't do before, however i havent tried this sorry.

What kind of dress you wear in wedding?

I assume you are attending the wedding as a guest, not as a member of the wedding party. Your choice of dress depends on where the reception will be held and also the time of day. At an afternoon wedding you will feel most comfortable in a street length dress of the kind you might wear to an office (MORE)

Can a man wear a wedding dress?

of course a man can were a wedding dress but he dosen 't have to If he wants to I would make sure its okay with the bride though Sure!

What style do you like the wedding dress?

Off the shoulder with simple lines and a bit of white sequins in the bodice with the skirt of the wedding dress snug around the hips, but gracefully flowing from the hip to the floor.

I'm going to my boyfriends brothers wedding Im wearing a plaid dress that has pink blue green and orange I have brown hair and blue eyes What makeup should I wear?

This is the look I wore for formal night on a cruise. This is a very natural look, so I think it would look good with anything. You can use the products mentioned, something similar, or whatever you like. This is just eyeshadow, mascara, lip-gloss, and eyeliner. If you like anything else such as lip (MORE)

What are Jewish wedding dresses like?

They're the same white wedding dresses all other brides wear, except that Orthodox Jewish brides only wear dresses that completely cover them up.

Can you wear colour with wedding dress?

A bride can wear anything she wants. She can have a white dress with colored sequins; colored lace or, she can even get married in a shell pink; ivory or any soft color in a wedding dress.

Can you wear a cream dress to a wedding?

I think it's ok for wearing a cream dress for your wedding as the dress makes the bride cute and sweet. Every bride would like to look like a beautiful angel on her special day. If you are a guest, then NO! White, ivory, cream and other shades of white are ONLY for the bride!

Can i wear a Peach dress to a wedding?

Well, it makes a difference if you are the bride or a guest i guess! As a guest, a peach dress would be very suitable. As a guest you only have to remember that you should not wear white (the brides color) or black (symbolizes grief/sorrow) or in any way outshine the bride! As a bride, of cour (MORE)

Who designed Kate Middleton's wedding dress?

Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen designed Kate Middleton's wedding dress . Kate Middleton's wedding dress was designed by Sarah Burton and was meant to remind people of Grace Kelley. It was a long flowing white gown for a person who was put on a pedestal for who knows what reason.

How long do have to go to college to be a wedding dress designer?

There is no degree required to become a Wedding Dress Designer. Although, an associate's or bachelor's degree in Fashion Technology can be beneficial in helping you achieve success in your career. Classes that make up Fashion Technology degree programs will include sewing techniques and bridal des (MORE)

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If you meant you want to solve for c on: 5c-3 = 2c+6 you have to simplify the formula. Step 1: Subtract 2c from both sides: 3c-3 = 6 Step 2: Add 3 to both sides 3c = 9 Step 3: Divide both sides by 3 c = 3