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In were-wolf movies how do you turn into a werewolf?

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Depends on the movie but most the time it happens when the Moon is full after being bit by one.
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Was Jacob turned into a werewolf or was he born as one?

The answer to that question is that Jacob has always been a Werewolf. He was supposed to be the pack leader.He was born a werewolf but have not yet found the trigger. Accordin

Does it hurt to turn into a werewolf?

It will hurt but im a werewolf and i have to wait til Augest 13 the next full moon but the pain will go away tho

Which Harry potter movie has a werewolf?

Prisoner of Azkaban is the only time we see a werewolf (Lupin, in this case) transform. Lupin appears as a human in several other installments of the series, but Azkaban is

How does a many turn into a werewolf if there is no werewolf?

I have been wondering this, as well, and I only know that a  spell and praying works so far. I pray all of the time and I've  said this spell a few times. You must say this

If you are bitten by a werewolf do you turn into one?

Yes or no. I was born into a normal family but when i was little i was bitten by something. (i don't remember much) over the next two days i could breath so my family took my

How do you turn in to a werewolf?

You can't physically change into a wolf, but you spiritually change into one. It's called being a "were", which is when you share the spirit of an animal, such as a wolf.And y

How do you turn to werewolf?

At midnight on a full moon you watch a werewolf movie then you stand in the moon light and say "werewolf" 20 times. After that you find a wolf get some blood from it and then

How can a human turn into a werewolf?

A human must get bitten by a were-wolf and there must be a full moon for the curse to transform the human into the animal. Same goes for all were-animal Humans cannot turn i

Can you turn into a werewolf by injected werewolf blood into you blood?

To get an answer to this question, one would first need to provide a werewolf for a phlebotomy.** Once such is donated, one must also provide a willing patient for a transfus

How do you make a potion to turn me into a werewolf?

There aren't any potions to turn yourself into a werewolf. Why you would want your self to turn into a werewolf, and put that curse upon yourself though, I do not know. It mus

Why did Michael Jackson turn into a werewolf?

I'm not him, but I'm assuming that it is him saluting the dead and the supernatural in a fun, musical, and entertaining way! neither that, or it's just Michael being Micheal-j