In what book can you find the story of Jonah?

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In the Book of Jonah.
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In the book of Jonah was it a whale that swallowed him?

Originally it was the leviathan, an imaginary, giant beast of the sea. (Really giant, it covered the entire sea bed.). Answer . Since the story of Jonah is recorded in t

For christians the story of Jonah is a symbolic of what?

The story of Jonah for Christians is symbolic of the mission of Jesus the Messiah, who preached repentance from sin and faith in God. As recorded in Matthew 12:40, Jesus refer

What is the story of Jonah about?

It is the story of a minor prophet Jonah , God told him to go to Nineveh , but he ran from Gods command in the opposite way. But he was caught in a storm and was swallowed by

The real story of Jonah Aickman?

I believe he was because I don't know how any film-maker could make up a story so tragic...and the movie was based on true events after all.

Which book of the Bible precedes Jonah?

It would be better if you look it up yourself. The Bible is easily available in about 70 English versions, both in print and on the Internet. And like Jonah, this is a good

Who is Jonah in the book found?

Jonah is the main character he is one of the missing and is the leader of all of the 37 people when they get to the adoption meeting
In Old Testament

How is the book of Jonah true?

of course its true!just because the book of jonah cant be scientifically proven or is not historically correct, that doesnt mean that its quotes arent valid to us today. Its t
In The Bible

Why is the story of Jonah considered to be a parable?

I am not so sure the Story of Jonah is a parable - a short, comparative tale to relay an important message. The Scripture presents Jonah as a real person who had an unusual ev