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In what country was the automobile invented?

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Invention of the Automobile The automobile was officially was invented in Germany by Karl Benz and Gotlieb Daimler. The car was called the Mercedes and was the world's first car.  Minor Correction Actually, Daimler and Benz started as competitors, and it's hard to say who produced the first car, because this is one of those ideas where parallel evolution (or in this case invention) came into play. There are other inventors who have claims (less strong but true nevertheless) to being the first inventor.
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Who invented the first diesel automobile?

Rudolf Diesel invented the Diesel engine in 1897 (which is why it is called the "Diesel Engine"), but i do not know if he was the first person to use it in an automobile or no

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Who invented the electric starter for the automobile?

As early as 1899, Clyde J. Coleman applied for U.S. Patent 745,157 for an electric automobile self-starter - inventing one that actually worked waited until 1911 when Charles

The Saab automobile is manufactured in which country?

Saab currently produce the 9-3 and 9-5 at their trollhaten plant in Sweden and Saabs new 9-4X will be produced in Mexico. In the past the 900/9-3 convertables have been made i

Countries which are major manufacturers of automobiles?

Japan produces the most cars in the world. Some well known Japanese car companies include Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, Subaru, Isuzu, Suzuki, Hino, Kawasaki, Yama

Why did Karl Benz invent the automobile?

I believe the Mr. Karl Benz invented the automobile, because he felt like the was a time in his era, where he needed to get to places faster. he decided to try and make someth

Who invented self starters in automobiles?

Well the electric starter first appearred in 1912. Chevrolet introduced this upgrade when Ford was still reluctant to make any changes to its model T. This of course led to th

Why were automobiles invented?

So people can have a fast an easy way to get to and from places better now that automobile's have been invented people can get around with out a problem.

When was the automobile invented?

It is unknown whom exactly, invented the automobile. DaVinci had a working model of a spring-powered automobile in the 15th century. Yes, and also the French during the times