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In what country was the automobile invented?

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Invention of the Automobile The automobile was officially was invented in Germany by Karl Benz and Gotlieb Daimler. The car was called the Mercedes and was the world's first car.  Minor Correction Actually, Daimler and Benz started as competitors, and it's hard to say who produced the first car, because this is one of those ideas where parallel evolution (or in this case invention) came into play. There are other inventors who have claims (less strong but true nevertheless) to being the first inventor.
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The Saab automobile is manufactured in which country?

Saab currently produce the 9-3 and 9-5 at their trollhaten plant in Sweden and Saabs new 9-4X will be produced in Mexico. In the past the 900/9-3 convertables have been made i

In which country was the can can invented?

The can can was invented in France It is regarded today primarily as a physically demanding music hall dance, performed by a chorus line of female dancers who wear costumes wi

Why were automobiles invented?

So people can have a fast an easy way to get to and from places better now that automobile's have been invented people can get around with out a problem.

Did Henry ford or Karl Benz invent the automobile?

Karl Benz invented the worlds first automobile, but Henry Ford improved it. So Karl Benz is the inventor.

What year did Henry Ford invent the automobile?

Henry Ford didn't "invent" the automobile. He adapted the process of assembly line manufacture for automobiles, which allowed him to market a product at a price that could be