In what five countries are camels found?

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Camels are native to the dry and desert areas of Asia and northern Africa, but are found in other regions as well. They can be found in more than five countries. In Asia, they are found in northwestern China, southern Mongolia, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan and even Pakistan. They are found in countries of the Arabian Peninsula, such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, Yemen, United Arab Emirates and Qatar, to name a few. In northern Africa, camels are found in countries such as Egypt, Libya and Morocco, to name just a few. Camels have spread to eastern African countries such as Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania, and they have even reached as far south as Botswana. there are many more African nations where camels may be found. Australia has many wild camels, descended from camels brought from Afghanistan 150 years ago as they were much better than horses for trekking through the inland deserts.
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Where are camels most found?

Camels are typically Found In Regions with Warm & Arid weather (like Deserts); they are found around the equator, anywhere streching from Northern Africa, and Eastward, all th

Where are Camel found?

Camel are now are found only in arid (desert) regions of Africa, Asia, and Australia. Camels once lived on all continents except Australia and Antarctica. They originated in N
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Where are camels found in India?

Bactrian or two-humped camels are found in northern India, particularly in the the Nubra Valley and the district (former state) of Bikaner, where they were long used to carry

What are five countries found in the polar region?

The Arctic is a floating polar ice cap and has no countries or population. Antarctica is a continent of approximately 14,000,000 sq km. There are no countries on Antarctica an
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Are camels found in different continents?

Yes. The dromedary can be found in Africa as well as the middleeast, and bactrians are native to the Gobi desert region in Asia.