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In what form are data for a satellite image stored?

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How do you get satellite images?

You get images from a satellite using a frequency band. The best way to access satellite images is with Google maps. However, if you want your own, you will need to have at

When a satellite collects information from the surface of the earth the data is converted to an image Why this image is often not a true picture?

((Just copy-pasting from another person's answer on yahoo!Answers, I take no credit for this answer ) The instruments that are recording these images are looking for differ

In what form is data stored in a computer system?

It is stored in binary, that is in the form of ones and zeroes.

What is a satellite store?

A small office in a different location from a company or government agency's main office. Reasons for opening a satellite operation may include reaching an underserved area, e

Computer stores data in which form?

Computers store data in forms of bits, bytes, megabytes, and giga then terabytes. 8 bits make a byte and so on and so fourth.

Why computers store data in binary form?

The basic hardware of computer consists of flipflops, which essentially recognize the voltage. Something below threshold is treated as 0, above it is treated as 1. Because all
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How do you store satellite telemetery data?

Satellite telescopes gather a huge amount of data. There are really two kinds of data. "Housekeeping data" is information about the satellite and its health and safety. It tel

How computers store data in binary form?

The computer uses electricity, not mechanical parts, for its data processing and storage. Electricity is plentiful, moves very fast through wires, and electrical parts fail