In what poetic meter did Shakespeare compose the majority of his plays and verse?

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Blank verse/ Iambic Pentameter (same thing)
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In what verse form did Shakespeare write his plays?

Iambic Pentamer . A literary form based on the number 5. (all"s well that ends well) is a stellar example. Ideally lines had five words. correction Iambic Pentameter-sounds li

What were Shakespeare earliest poetic successes?

Venus and Adonis was his earliest success around 1593. It went into several editions and made Shakespeare a whack of money which he really needed because plague had closed the

What poetic devices are used by Shakespeare in the play Romeo and Juliet?

Scholar Caroline Spurgen once wrote, "The dominating image [in Romeo and Juliet ] is light, every form and manifestation of it" ( Shakespeare's Imagery , 310). When Romeo ini

What is poetic meter?

Meter is the rhythmic structure of the lines of a poem. Meter is usually identified in terms of feet, which relate to syllable stress. For example, Shakespeare often used iamb

Why did Shakespeare write his plays in verse instead of prose?

Not all of Shakespeare's plays are in verse: Much Ado About Nothing is mostly in prose. Verse provides a rhythm and stateliness to the language which can make it sound impress

Where were the majority of shakespeares plays set?

No one place has a majority. England is the setting of 13 plays.Italy is the setting of 11. They are the most common. Of course,many plays are set in a number of different pla