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In what ways are the organ systems of plants different from those of animals?

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animals do not have chloroplasts whereas plants do. the animal cell doesn't have a cell wall but a plant cell does. And animal cells have smaller vacuoles than plants. The levels of organisation in ascending order are: Atom- molecule- organelle- cell- tissue- organ- organ system- organism. I hope this helps you with your homework :)
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What ways are the functions of the organ system of plants similar to those of animals?

Like  the organ systems of animals, those of plants have parts that work  together. For example, the shoot system of plants is composed of  the stem, leaves, and flowers. 

What ways are the function of the organ system of plants similar to those of animals?

Plants have flowers and cones as reproductive organs, compared to the ovaries and testes of an animal. The vascular system of plants, for transporting fluids that carry nutr