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14th February 1966 was the date for the conversion of Australia's currency from Pounds, Shillings and Pence, to Dollars and Cents.

The conversion to Metric for units of measurement was completed for most usages during 1974.

The change to Metric measurement conversion was commenced in 1969, and was completed in 1988. The conversion was done slowly because of the cost to many industries, and the need to "tool up" for it.

For example, cars were built with some metric changes in 1974, such as speedometers in both kilometres and miles.
Odometers in these speedos read in kms, but the speedometers read in both kilometres per hour and miles per hour.

By 1976, all newly-manufactured road-going vehicles were required to have speedometers with all metric readings and markings, and older vehicles were encouraged to have their speedometers changed to metric.
There was a roaring trade in speedometer conversions for a few years.

The fasteners used in manufactured items such as motor cars were changed slowly, with many Australian-built items, using a mixture of metric and imperial fasteners from the late 1970's to the mid-1980's.

The WB model Holdens for example (built 1980-1985), were mostly imperial fasteners from the front door pillars back, but the front section from the firewall forward, used metric fasteners.
This mixture of fasteners leads to problems in re-assembly, if care isn't taken, and the thread type must be checked carefully.
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