In which country did the word 'risotto' originate?

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In 1884, the word was expanded from the Italian word riso, meaning 'rice'. Risotto is rice cooked in a broth with meat and cheese.
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What is risotto?

Risotto is a type rice that originated in Italy. The rice issautéed with oil or butter, and then has some sort of stock likechicken added to it.

Which country does the word radar originate?

Radar is an abbreviation of the term " Ra dio D etection a nd R anging". As for the country it could be argued that it was the English, American, German or French.. I think Marconi in Italy discovered he could measure range with Radio waves, but Radar was not made really very practical and the r (MORE)

Which country did the word shampoo originate?

The word shampoo in English dates back to 1762. The word was Anglo-Indian, from the Hindu word champo, which meant "to smear, massage ". Champo comes from the Sanskrit/Hindi plant 'champa' . The flowers of the plant used to make fragrant hair-oil.

Where is risotto from?

Risotto is an Italian recipe, but like most recipes had influence from other recipes. It may have started in Venice or Milan. The style of cooking rice until it is starting to create a starch thickened sauce or gravy between the grains had to have been around for centuries in countries that had a lo (MORE)

In which country did the word kangaroo originate?

"Kangaroo" or "kangaru" is an aboriginal word. There is some belief that when early settlers tried to ask the local Aborigines what the name of the strange-looking hopping creature was, the Aborigines replied "Kangaru", meaning "I don't understand what you're saying". From then on, the animal became (MORE)

What country of origin is the word guerrilla?

The term guerrilla (Span., "little war") originated in the early 19th century during the PENINSULAR WAR, (q.v.) when, after the defeat of Spain's regular forces, Spanish irregulars and civilians rose up against the French occupying forces. The practice of guerrilla warfare, however, dates from ant (MORE)

What country does the word cereal originate from?

The word cereal derives from Ceres , the name of the pre-Roman goddess of harvest and agriculture. Cereal grain is called corn in the United Kingdom and Ireland. But in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, maize is called corn .

In which country did the word 'bungalow' originate?

A bungalow (Gujarati: બંગલો ba ṅ gl o , Hindi: बंगला ba ṅ gl ā ) is a type of single-story house that originated in India. The word derives from the Gujarati word baṅglo, which in turn came from Hindustani baṅglā. (MORE)

From which country does the word 'shawl' originate?

First recorded in 1662, originally, of a type of scarf worn in Asia, from Urdu and other Indian languages, from Persian 'shal', sometimes said to be named after Shaliat, town in Indiawhere it was first manufactured.

Which country did the word sherbert originate from?

The word sherbet (also sherbert ) comes from the Persian shaba by way of the Turkish word serbet - both referto a type of iced fruit drink. It appeared in English in the 1600s.The related word sorbet appeared earlier, in the 1500s, by way ofthe Italian sorbetto and the French sorbet whichmea (MORE)

Country of origin of the word tobacco?

That is debatable. It is clear that the English word "tobacco" came from the Spanish word, "tabaco", but from that point, we are not sure. It could have come from the Taino language spoken by Caribbean Indians, which had similar words that referred to a roll of tobacco leaves and a pipe used to snif (MORE)

What is the country of origin for the word buffet?

The buffet table originates from the Brännvinsbord-Swedish snaps (shot of alcoholic beverage)[5] table from the middle of 16th century, and had its prime during the early 18th century, and was developed into the buffet we more know today not until the beginning of 19th century. The Smörgåsb (MORE)

What country does the word discrimination originate from?

in the adverse usually racial sense discriminate was first recorded in the united states in 1866 so discrimination in this sense was probably not far behind nor far away in emerging from it in the positive sense of discernment discrimination is much older & derives ultimately from latin so B (MORE)

What country does the word teenager originate from?

It originated from a mixture of Old Norse, Old English and Middle-American. The exact evolution of the word is as follows: . Tjōn = Old Norse for "teen" . Tēona = Old English for "teen" . Tene = Middle English for "teen" . Teen = Modern English . Teen Aged = Middle-American phrase . (MORE)

What is the country of origin for the word 'papirs'?

Denmark is thecountry where the word papirs comes from. Specifically, the word is a noun inits genitive (or possessive) singular indefinite form. It means "ofpaper, paper's". The pronunciation will be "pa-peer" in Danish.

Country of origin of the word shampoo?

It is an Anglo Indian word, 'champo' meaning to press of knead the muscles. The meaning was later extended 'to washing the hair' in the 1860's during the British occupation if India

What country does the word dromedary originate?

Middle Eastern from the early 1300's for the single humped camel in Arabia and part of Africa.. Camelus Dromadarius. It is a combination of the Greek "dromad" and Latin "arius" or "ary"..

What is the country of origin for the word horror?

From Rome via France. The word horror comes from the Latin word horror , derived from the verb horrere , meaning to tremble, bristle or shudder in fear or loathing, through the Old French (h)orrour.

What country does the word joey originate from?

The word "joey" is sometimes said to be from a native Australian word joè, but more recently often said to be of unknown origin. It has been used to mean "young kangaroo" since 1839. Please see the related link below.

What country did the word hurricane originate from?

1555, a partially deformed adoptation from Sp. huracan (Gonzalo Fernandez de Oviedo y Valdés, "Historia General y Natural de las Indias," 1547-9), furacan (in the works of Pedro Mártir De Anghiera, chaplain to the court of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella and historian of Spanish explorati (MORE)

What country does the word halt originate from?

Halt is a German word, originated from a military command. And originated in the 16th century as a command for stop. Also could be from the 14th century England but under a different meaning as to walk unsteadily

What country does the word constitution originate from?

It originates in classical Latin meaning anything arranged or settled. For example the Constitution of Britain is an informal set of traditions, based on several different laws. In the USA it is the fundamental law of the United States put in place in 1789 to establish a strong central government

What is country of origin of the word typhoon?

The word was available in the middle ages from the Greek language as Typhon meaning a violent storm. Prior to that, explorers to the East Indies borrowed the Cantonese name of Tai Fung meaning a great wind. There are similar words in Hindi, Arabic and Persian

What country did the word Pilar originate from?

The word Pilar originated from Spain. It used to be a popular name for woman according to the US census of 1990. Pilar means Pillar and according to Catholic tradition any use of the word pillar was thought to be a connection with an appearance of the Virgin Mary.