In which route in Pokemon leaf green does one of professor oak's aide give you a item finder?

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up staris in the building on route 11 up staris in the building on route 11
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How do you use the item finder in Pokemon?

it's the dowsing MCHN, When you find an item it will make noise and blink. if you dont see ANYTHING, its hidden. to do that when it finds an item, (thats hidden) walk back ONE (MORE)
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Where is professor oak's assistant in route 2?

Head back through Diglets cave to arrive in an area of Route 2 not previously accessible, then rather than rejoining the old Route 2, use CUT to head south into a blue roofed (MORE)

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How do i get professor oak's letter in Pokemon Diamond?

to get professer oaks letter then you must first have the mystery gift from Jubilife city.You must also have the national pokedex. Save your progress.Then turn your Nintendo d (MORE)

Where to find perfessor oak's aide in Pokemon firered who gives you the Exp share?

If you go east from Fuchsia City and in the "duty" go up stairs and there talk with the guy with white clothes and you have to catch at least 50 pokémons before you get it. H (MORE)