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In which route in Pokemon leaf green does one of professor oak's aide give you a item finder?

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up staris in the building on route 11 up staris in the building on route 11
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How do you get surf in Pokemon leaf green?

To HM Surf in Pokemon Leaf Green what you have to do is first go to Fuchsia City. When you get to Fuchsia City you have to go into The Safari. Then you have to look around, an

How do you use the item finder in Pokemon?

it's the dowsing MCHN, When you find an item it will make noise and blink. if you dont see ANYTHING, its hidden. to do that when it finds an item, (thats hidden) walk back ONE

What is the best Pokemon in Pokemon Leaf Green?

  There is no such thing as a "best pokemon". It depends on your standards, views and preferences. If you're referring to weaknesses, it would be Kingdra, as it has only o

How do you give guard water in Pokemon leaf green?

  You won't give the guard water. Go to the mansion in celadon city and talk to the lady that is sitting in the room. She will give you a TEA which you will give to the gu

What do you do with your shiny Weedle on Pokemon leaf-green?

  You don't do anything special with it, it's just like a normal weedle. The chances of getting a shiny weedle are very slim. Just train it and evolve it like you would do

In Pokemon shiny gold where do you get the item finder?

There's a house in Ecruteak City where you'll find a man and a clipboard. Talk to the man, answer "Yes" to his question, and you'll get the Itemfinder.

How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon leaf green to Pokemon Sapphire?

This is how you can trade PoKeMoN LeafGreen to PoKeMoN Sapphire games. PoKeMoN LeafGreen Requirements: 1. After defeating Blaine at Cinnabar Island at some point go to his

How do you pick up hidden items found by the item finder in Pokemon ruby?

  The itemfinder just tells u when u're pretty close to a hidden item. (That means that there's a hidden item somewhere on the same screen where u stand). To actually find

Where do you get item finder in Pokemon emerald?

after beating may or brendon under the cycling road on your way to mauville city
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Where is the Pokemon tower in leaf green?

to get to Pokemon tower you'll have get hm.cut from the ss.ann(the boat in vermileon city)after beating your rivle.beat lt.sarge(the vermileon city gym leader)then get through
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How do you get umbreon in Pokemon leaf green?

Well, you can't get an Umbreon on Pokémon Leaf Green... since it doesn't have a clock (Umbreon evolves at night time). So the only way is to trade it to Ruby/Sapphire/Emera