Were the Levellers a threat to Oliver Cromwell?

Were the Levellers a threat to Oliver Cromwell? . Following the end of the First Civil War England was in a political melting pot, the relaxing of laws restricting freedom (MORE)

What is threat?

threat means to be abused by someone or something hurtful that someones says about you. Another View: A threat is a communicated intent to inflict harm or loss on another (MORE)
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What would be done if threating someone?

you should just walk away and don't look back, if they follow you take your phone out and pretend to call your mum but be carefull they might jack your phone off of you and so (MORE)
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What is or are the threat?

A threat is an "or else" statement Here are some examples: You better listen to me or else... You better not mess with me or else... You better do well on your tes (MORE)

What are terrorism threat levels?

What are the terrorism threat levels regional and local U.S.commanders assign for specific personnel, family members, units,and installations?