In which three US states did most of the fighting in 1776-1777 take place?

Most of the battles took place in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The first battle was in Massachusetts and the last in Virginia.

1776 began with British forces in Boston under seige by the colonials. When a small group of men led by Benedict Arnold and Ethan Allen captured Fort Ticonderoga in New York's northern wilderness and sent its many cannon back to Boston, the British were forced to evacuate.

From there, Washington moved the troops to New York City but was himself forced out when the British took control of it. They pursued him to Brooklyn and into New Jersey. By the end of 1777, they had captured Philadelphia. But most of the fighting was in New York (the loss of NYC, the battle of Long Island, the retreat from Quebec, and the Saratoga campaign and its related battles) and New Jersey (the battles of Trenton, Princeton, and Morristown).
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Spain, Portugal and southern France during the summer. the 9 day festival of san fermin de pamplona in Spain July 6-14
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