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In which years did London host the Olympics?

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London has hosted the Olympics three times; First in 1908, then 1948 and most recently for the 2012 Olympics.
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Which year did Barcelona host the olympic?

Barcelona, Spain hosted the 25th Summer Olympic Games in  1992.    The 25th Summer Olympics were held July 25, 1992 - August 9, 1992.  There were 257 events in 25 spo

In what years did the USA host the Olympics?

Summer1904 St Louis1932 Los Angeles1984 Los Angeles1996 Atlanta Winter1934 Lake Placid1960 Squaw Valley1980 Lake Placid2002 Salt Lake City

In which two years did London host the Olympic games?

London is the only city in the United Kingdom to have ever  hosted the Olympics    -1908 Olympics Games   -1944 Olympics Games(Cancelled due to WWII)   -1948 O

What years were the London Olympics?

London hosted the Olympic Games in 1908, 1948 and again in 2012.   Originally, italy was scheduled to host the 1908 Olympics, but lack  of infrastructure and suitable ven