India is a huge nation on mainland Asia while Japan is a small island in AsiaHow might life in the small island nation be like and different from life in the large mainland nation?

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In Japan, Asia
the food because their are different Places. and the input and output would be diffrent cause of their area.
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How many small islands does Japan have?

Over six thousand (some artificial), of which less than 500 are inhabited. Here are the names of some of them: . Agunijima . Akajima . Akusekijima . Amakusa . Amami Ōshima . Aogashima . Aoshima . Aragusuku . Awaji . Bentenjima in Lake Hamana . Bentenjima in Lake Toya . Chichi . Ch (MORE)

Is India an island nation?

No, India is more like a peninsula. An island is surrounded by water on all four sides. A peninsula is surrounded by water on three sides. Now Sri Lanka which is off the south-east coast of India is an island nation because it is surrounded on four sides with water.

What is an island nation?

An island nation is a country that is completely surrounded bywater. Some examples of island nations are Indonesia, Australia,Iceland, and Great Britain.

Which island nation is located off the tip of India?

okay, whoever wrote "u stupid" when i or anybody else asked this question, U are an IDIOT for saying that, that is rude and it is not an easy question. so BACK OFF!!. im sorry people, the answer is Sri Lanka.

What is the difference between an island and a mainland?

An island is a body of land completely surrounded by water. A mainland is a larger body of land surrounded by water. A mainland is the largest of the other islands. A mainland isn't determined by size, it's determined by size compared to other islands. For example; Hawaii is a mainland. Kauai is (MORE)

What was the name of the last island that America gained before they proceeded to the mainland of Japan?

Okinawa was invaded April 1, 1945, in Operation Iceberg. The Battle lasted 82 days, and was the only battle in the Pacific outside the Philippines where the territory was large enough that the US deployed an entire field army. The island is some three hundred miles from the home islands of Japan, (MORE)

Why are the barrier islands important to mainland?

the reason why they have barrier islands so that way the mainlands won't float away in the ocean and never to be found again... Because that would be pretty bad if that happend we would have to say byby to all of those poor people as they float away that and coosbay and northbend is on a main land

What is the name of the island nation southeast of Asia?

There are several: The Philippines Indonesia Brunei* (shares island with Malaysia) Papua New Guinea* (shares island with Indonesia) East Timor* (shares island with Indonesia) Farther east are the island countries in Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia in the western Pacific.

Are tornadoes different on mainland or island?

Generally speaking, whether a tornado occurs on the mainland or onan island will not have much of an effect on it. However, islandsin warm water may see a high incidence of fair-weather waterspouts.These whirlwinds can sometimes cause damage but they are generallyweaker than true tornadoes and usual (MORE)