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Where can I find infromation regarding the pension plan for former Western Electric employees who were laid off?
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Is Pension Benefit Information a legitimate Company?

  I just spent over an hour researching them online and calling my old employers and this is indeed a valid company. I recommend though, that you just call PBI with the ve

Can disability from a pension plan be garnished?

Generally now with a few exceptions, depending on where you live. Here is the pecking order for garnishments: 1) Taxes 2) Criminal Fines (Usually related to restitution

Where is information on Pension from SBC Communications Inc?

Fidelity Investments is the new pension administrator for SBC  (AT&T). You may call 1-800-416-2363 or go to the Fidelity  Investments website.

Is a 401 k a pension plan or an annuity?

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This just adds more weight to the fact that these are scams as the writer doesn't understand the regulatory nature of endowments and insurance company procedures and falls ba

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Try Macy's HR Services, PO POX 8211, MASON, OH 45040 or  1-800-234-MACY (6229)

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How or where do you apply for vested western electric pension with 9 years service that ended in 1975?

Call Fidelity Investments 1-800-416-2363. I worked for Western Electric from 1971 until the divestiture in 1982, and I found out that at the age of 65 I will be eligible for a