Ingredients in your food that your body needs?

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There are many, many ingredients in food that your body needs. This includes healthy fats, protein, all sorts of vitamins and even some calcium.
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Why does the body need food?

the body needs food to stay alive it also needs for vitamins your body needs vitamin C, D,A,B,etc. Vitamin C,D,A,and B are found in foods even drinks. You get vitamin D from (

Why does your body need food?

our body needs food to survive a healthy happy balanced diet body hope i helped:) x ~~~Also it helps with our mood, if we have a headache, or for for some simple things

What food does the body need to survive?

The body needs the major food groups to have good health; but the body can generally stay alive with anything that sustains some sort of nutrients, fats, or carbohydrates.

What Foods does your body needs everyday?

The body don't need any foods at all. The body needs amino acids, fats, vitamins, mineral, water and other particles. There are however better or worse food sources for these

What ingredients do you need to dry food?

Depends on what you are drying. When I dry onion tops, celery, bell peppers, etc, I just spread the chopped item on my racks and dry them. ( I use a great home made dehydrat

What do are bodies need besides food?

Fluids, in most cases shelter. Those 3 are the basic elements of living (including food). However, for both food and liquids, it depends on what is inside them, such as protei
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What does the human body need food for?

To provide the energy needed to move muscles, to keep itself warm and to drive endothermic chemical, cellular processes.
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What are the ingredients needed to make seamonkey food?

One can start by hard-boiling an egg and afterwards by only mashing the yolk in a bowl. Then there needs to be mixed some dry baby food, liquid baby food and a pinch of fish f
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What food do you need in your body?

You need proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Without balanced diet you may get many diseases.