Instrument used for Dilatation and curettage?

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Ovum forcep,dull/sharp curret,hystetometer,Tenaculum,Uterine forcep,Vaginal Retractor
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What is a Dilation and Evacuation Procedure?

Dilation and Evacuation, also known as Dilation and Curettage, is a procedure most commonly used for a miscarriage of a pregnancy. Early pregnancy tends to miscarry within the (MORE)

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Fractional dilatation and curettage?

Fractional dilatation and curettage is a technique where each section of the uterus is examined and scraped to get samples from all parts of the uterus. Fractional dilatation (MORE)

What is a Dilation and Curettage test?

A Dilation and Curettage is a surgical procedure which can be used  In a few different ways. It can be used as a test in which uterine  cells are scraped to check for abnorm (MORE)