Instrument used for Dilatation and curettage?

Ovum forcep,dull/sharp curret,hystetometer,Tenaculum,Uterine forcep,Vaginal Retractor
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Which drug is used to dilate the bronchioles?

  •Beta-agonists for asthma-Dilate bronchioles but speed up the heart because both ß1 and ß2 receptors are stimulated-Specific ß2 -agonists just dilate the bronchiole (MORE)
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How can you use dilation in everyday life?

When an architect makes blueprints for a house those blueprints are later dilated by construction workers. When someone is constantly itching their eye their pupil gets dilate (MORE)

Fractional dilatation and curettage?

Fractional dilatation and curettage is a technique where each section of the uterus is examined and scraped to get samples from all parts of the uterus. Fractional dilatation (MORE)

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