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Investments in debt securities are generally recorded at?

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Cost including brokerage and other fees.
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Should someone have investments if they have debt?

  Answer   Generally, investments are for long term savings, like retirement. That money should be left to grow for retirement and other goals. Current debts are mone

Can debt consolidating work with secure debt?

    Yes debt consolidation can work with secured debt.     But unsecured debt consolidation loans are indeed a great help for debtors. It implies that you shoot

Cost of investment in securities?

If investment securities are held to fruition, they are considered  amortized costs. Those to be carried for less time are listed under  available for sale, and filed under

If a deed to secure debt in the state of Georgia is not recorded by a mortgage company is it legal and binding?

Georgia is a "race notice" state and uses a deed as the security instrument for a debt affecting real estate. What that means is any instrument that affects real property m

Is BBB- an investment grade security?

Yes, a BBB bond or higher (such as A, AA or AAA) are investment grade. Many investors cannot invest in sub-investment grade (BB or lower).

What are the security and non security forms of investment?

A security is an instrument of promissory note or a method of borrowing or lending or a source of contributing to the funds needed by a corporate body or non-corporate body.

Is online investing safe and secure?

Online investing are safe and secure. But at the same time they also has risks. If you are going to invest for huge amounts, then there are high risks in losing more money

What Is the general Journal Entry to Record investment car in the business?

In accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) investement property is, in short, property held for capital appreciation or rental income. In accordance

What are investment securities?

Investment Securities are securities that have been purchased specifically as an investment, as opposed to securities that are purchased by a broker-dealer or other financial