Is 11 to young to start dating?

It depends what you mean by "dating". I have a 10 year old and a 12 year old. My 4th grader likes to say she's "going out" with someone but that is as far as it is taken. No p (MORE)
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Can you have a baby at 11?

No because useally a girl matures gracefully.Some boys can produce sperm at eleven but it will be clear pre-cum oh and some girls might be able to do this
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How young can babies start to swim?

Very young babies have a certain temporary reflex that allows them to swim. This reflex is because before they are born they live in water in mum's belly. (I'm not a doctor bu (MORE)

Why do young girls have babys so young?

Young girls have babys young for multiple reasons. Most of the time girls become pregnant by unprotected sex, when they weren't meaning to become pregnant at all. Yet someti (MORE)
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I am a 11 does that makew me to young to be scene?

well it all depends are yew trying to make a boy like yew just bee yew and he might just like for yew and if yew having trouble itting in than dnt fit in be yew for yew cuz ye (MORE)
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Are you a baby when you are 11?

To anyone over forty or so yes you would be considered very youngand have not experienced many things.