Is 78 a good score for the intermediate UK maths challenge?

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yes 84 is a excellent number 4 a Challenger answer.....=D
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What is an intermediate good?

Wel i Have been going to papatoetoe Intermediate If yeu live in New zealand then yea i recommmend that school Wel it is kinda like wel its still a good school the

Is 78 a good IQ Score?

Above 100 means that you are above the average human in intelligence. Below 100 means that you are lower than the average human in intelligence. So, no Descriptive

Is 340 in math a good SAT score?

wow...not to be harsh but just to put it out there, no. most top colleges are looking for more in the 640-740 range.

Is 480 in math a good sat score?

That's a matter of opinon. In 5th grade that is a good score for colleges to see. The Math score is 800. You scored a 60%.
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Is 132 a good score in math?

It depends. Good is a relative term so good to me may not mean good to another person and I don't know what you mean by "score". 132 is not your average so I assume you mean s