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799 is an Excellent credit score. Below is a way of interpreting your credit score. Given the current credit score stats, how does this relate to your own personal score? Generally, if your score is higher than 660, you will be considered a good credit risk. If your score is below 620, then you might have a tougher time getting a loan. The following ratings explain the impact of the different score ranges:
  • 720-850 - Excellent - This represents the best score range and best financing terms.
  • 700-719 - Very Good - Qualifies a person for favorable financing.
  • 675-699 - Average - A score in this range will usually qualify for most loans.
  • 620-674 - Sub-prime - May still qualify, but will pay higher interest.
  • 560-619 - Risky - Will have trouble obtaining a loan.
  • 500-559 - Very Risky - Need to work on improving your rating.
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How often does the credit bureau update beacon scores and by how many points?

Credit bureaus don't update your credit scores. They update your credit reports. It is a third party company (FICO, Beacon) who processes the information on your credit reports and produces your credit scores. I have continuous real-time access to my Equifax score, and it updated once at the end (MORE)

If you have perfect credit beacon score of a 710 and are looking into settling a cc that has a 23K balance how much will this affect your score?

Credit scores are calculated based on ALL the information showing in a consumer's credit report. With only one factor identified, it is impossible to guess the impact or outcome. It is impossible to say an actual score value but no matter which way you look at it, it is not going to be postive. If (MORE)

What is the difference between your credit score and your beacon score?

Your beacon score is basically an equifax branded FICO score, there is no difference except that a beacon score uses data found in your equifax credit report only. So if data furnishers do not report to equifax it will not appear on their credit report and thus this information will not be reflected (MORE)

Can you get approved for a home purchase if your middle beacon score is 628 and you have a couple of open collection accounts more than 4 years old?

Yes, you can. You are a prime candidate for an home loan. Those collections can be explained in writing by you, and excused by the bank. Yes, though you probably will not qualify for the best rates. If your collection accounts are still active, you would be advised to pay them off, if you can. T (MORE)

What is a beacon score?

Answer . BEACON is the trademarked name of a scoring software program. It uses the information displayed in an Equifax credit file. (Think Kleenex vs. tissue paper) There are many different versions of BEACON programs. Some of these are BEACON 96, BEACON 5.0 and BEACON Auto Enhanced. A score (MORE)

What is a good credit rating score?

Answer . \n650 is considered very good, meaning creditors will be making you offers, good ones. 650-620 is good, everything under 620 is considered risky, the amount of risk correlating with the score itself.

Could having an Equity Line of Credit possibly hurt your Credit Bureau Beacon score?

Answer . Definitely, your credit score isn’t solely based on the timeliness of your payments. There are several other factors taken into consideration, one of them being available credit to balance ratio. Since you obtained a Home Equity Line of Credit, you basically have opened a credit accou (MORE)

Could having a home equity line of credit possibly hurt your credit bureau beacon score even if you don't use it?

Answer . \nYes. In this way. Credit reporting agencies look at the total ability you have to borrow. If you have ten credit cards and have the ability to charge 75,000 tomorrow it could hurt you. \nIf you have low debt on your credit cards [ keep them with no more than 30% of the amount you can b (MORE)

Will cosigning for someone affect your beacon score?

Answer . Co-signing is generally not a good idea. However, that is not your question! If the person pays on time, your score should not be affected. However, if you have a high to debt ratio, including this loan, it may make it difficult and/or more expensive for you to obtain a loan should you n (MORE)

What is a good MCAT score?

Well, MCAT score is important but be aware that not only this thingshould be taken into account during admission. GPA and MCAT areequally important for your admission.All in all, MCAT should bemore than 35 to succeed.

Is 619 a good beacon score?

A 650 + is decent. 680+ is much better. 720+ is excellent and can support many loan programs and best interest rates. . 720-850 - Excellent - This represents the best score range and best financing terms. . 700-719 - Very Good - Qualifies a person for favorable financing. . 675-699 - Ave (MORE)

Is a beacon score of 680 good?

A credit score derived from the application of a credit scoring model created by the Fair, Isaac Company to a consumer's credit file held by a credit reporting company. FICO® scores range from 300 to 850, but almost all consumers have a score between the 600s and 700s. A beacon score of 680 is (MORE)

Is beacon score a trademark?

Yes, BEACON is a registered trademark (U.S. Reg. 2222902) of Equifax Inc, filed in 1998, claiming priority of first use in 1989, as applied to "Financial services, namely, credit risk forecasting."

Is a 5 beacon score good or bad?

A Beacon score of 5 is impossible, the score ranges between 300 and 850. I'll assume you meant 500, this is considered to be 'very bad'.

What is an above average beacon score?

The ABOVE average score is around 750. Once a person achieves a score of around 725 or more they are going to get the best interest rates available. Most banks guidelines for determining your interest rates cutoff around 725, meaning that a person with a score of 725 will qualify for the same rate a (MORE)

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Is 790 a good credit score?

\nYes, 790 is in the top 10th percentile for credit scores (higher than 90% of the population). Congratulations!

What are the credit score what is a good credit score?

A credit scoreis a tool used by lenders to help them make lending decisions. Acredit score is determined by the information in a credit report.While credit scores depend on specific scoring systems used,ultimately they represent the risk level that you represent to apotential lender. Using the PLUS (MORE)

Is your beacon score and FICA score the same?

A beacon score is just the name given to the equifax branded FICO score. So your FICO score and beacon score will be the same if your FICO score is pulled using your equifax credit report.

Determine beacon score?

Determining a beacon score is difficult, they use a number of factors: Credit history length Payment history Credit utilization ratio Types of credit used

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What is a Beacon 5.0 score?

beacon 5.0 is a system equifax uses to calculate your credit in numerical form which produces a number known as a credit score.

Is 665 a good credit score?

Credit scores generally range between the low 300s to the mid-800s.A score of 665 is considered average or fair.

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The Dia Arts Foundation is a fantastic arts program that works with the Becon City Schools to give the students an extensive art education. Art is an important part of education.

Is a beacon score of five good with a credit score of 675?

The Beacon version 5.0 is the formula which was created by FICO (Fair Isaac Company) and is used by Equifax to calculate a credit score. Considering that the average FICO score in the US is 680, your score would fall just below average.

What is the purpose of the beacon score?

The beacon score is a very important equation in your credit score. It is a number generated by the Equifax Credit Bureau that determines ones credit worthiness.

Is the score 735 a good credit score?

In general, yes a score of 735 is considered a great score. With this score you should get the best interest rate at almost all lenders. However, each lender and each industry has a different tolerance for the risk they will take. Your FICO score is really only a measurement of the risk of you defau (MORE)

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