Is 80oz greater or less than 5lbs?

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No because they are both the same weights as 5lbs = 80oz
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Is 536cm greater or less than 53.6dm?

There are 10 centimetres in one decimetre. Therefore, 53.6 decimetres is equal to 53.6 x 10 = 536 centimetres. The two distances therefore represent the same length.

Is this greater than or less than?

Thanks to limitations in the browser that is used for posting questions on WA, it is not possible to see the symbols. > is greater than and < is less than. Some people suggest imagining a predator eating smaller numbers but for English speakers one easy mnemonic is that the symbol for less than re (MORE)

What are Greater than or less than signs?

They are symbols used to express a relationship between the valuesof two numbers. For example: Two is less than four, so 2 < 4 ; Ten is greaterthan two, so 10 > 2 The narrow end, or point, of the symbol always 'points' to thesmallest number; the open end, or largest, 'opens' to the largernumber.

Is -4 greater or less than 4?

It is less than unless it is the absolute power, then it would be equal to 4. say you had played a game and lost all of your tokens,then you spin again and get lose 4 more tokens,you dont have any tokens left because you lost it all right, so you would be -4 then when you get 4 or more points you wo (MORE)

Is 0.75 greater or less than 0.750?

They are equal to each other. Example: 0.75 = 0.750 as 75.0 = 075.0 The zeros mean nothing, unless before a real number; after the decimal.

Is 0.3 greater or less than 0.05?

Compare digits, in this case after the decimal point, one by one, until you find a digit that is different between the two numbers. In this case, the number with the greater digit, in this position, is greater than the other.

Is 12.1 greater or less than 12.10?

No way of telling, as they are given with different levels of accuracy. According to the rules of significant numbers and rounding off, 12.1 can actually be between 12.05 and 12.14. 12.10 OTOH can only be between 12.095 and 12.104 So 12.1 can be both greater and smaller.

Is 0.093 greater or less than 0.43?

less than, use this method: start at ones and make your way down to see which is greater such as 0 .093 and 0 .43 the first numbers are both the same so move on to the next number 0. 0 93 and 0. 4 3 these numbers are different and 4 is greater than 0 so 0.093 is less than 0.43

Is 12.3 greater or less than 3.21?

It is greater than. Don't let the decimals confuse you. Think of it as 12 and 3 individually. If it is the same number such as 3.3 and 3.21, look at the .3 and .21, the first digit number to see if it's greater than

Is 0.8 greater or less than 0.71?

0. 8 = 8/10 = 4/5 0.71 = 71/100, which is just marginally larger that 7/10 so, 0.8 > 0.71 ( greater than ) by 0.8 - 0.71 = 0.09 -------------that much ( 9/100 )

Is 5.43 greater or less than 5.432?

5.43 can be either greater or less than 5.432, because 5.43 is a shorthand representation of any number between 5.425 and 5.434999999999999.... and 5.432 is a shorthand representation of any numbers between 5.4315 and 5.43249999..... The range of possible values of 5.43 overlaps the range of possibl (MORE)

Is 79 less or greater than 0.7?

That question can be answered in two ways: 1). 0.7 is less than 0.9 percent of 79, so if you put them down right next to each other, you'd probably be able to spot that 79 is the bigger one. 2). 0.7 is greater than 79, and for submitting the lucky randomly-selected Question in the category of Mat (MORE)

Which sign is greater than and less than?

This one: > Ex: 33 Make sure that which ever way the wider end is pointing is the direction towards the larger sum. Ex: 5 + 9 > 3 + 2 3 + 2 < 5 + 9 * * * * * An alternative "rule" If you flip the letter L (for L ess than) a little, you get the less than sign, .

Is 0.02 greater or less than 0.21?

0.02 is less than 0.21 because if you shift the decimal place to the right 2 times you get 2 and 21. This comparison is much more obvious which is greater.

Is 1.01 greater or less than 1.011?

This cannot really be answered as written. Is 1.01 actually 1.010? Or is it 1.011, or 1.012, or 1.013, or 1.014 rounded to the nearest hundredth, in which case all of the numbers would be 1.01?

IS 24.3 greater or less than 24.30?

24.30 can be written as 24.3 without losing or altering its value since zeros at the end after a decimal point have really no value (except to show precision). So the two are equal. Note that zeros at the end but before a decimal point do have value

Is 6.5m greater then or less than 65cm?

6.5m is greater than 65cm because when chabging meters to centimeters, you have to move the decimal place 2 places to the right. 6.5m is equal to 650cm and 65cm is equal to 0.65m. Here's the list from greatest measurement unit to smallest. When changing from one unit to another move the decimal p (MORE)

Is 1.2 greater or less than 1.20?

If you want to know if 1.2 is greater or less than 1.20 well, 1.2 is greater than 1.20 because remember a decimal number with a zero in it it is always greater than the number with no zero's.

Is 0.002 greater or less than 0.0001?

Just compare the digits one by one: compare the first digit after the decimal point with the first digit of the other number, the second digit with the second digit, etc., until you find a digit that is different.

Is 2.24 less or greater than 2.2?

2.24 is greater than 2.2. you can add a 0 to the end of 2.2 tochange it to 2.20 to hold the place -value. Than you can easilycompare the two numbers. Also a calculator can help you if youdon`t understand.