Is ADHD caused by watching TV?

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No, it is a genetic disorder. Basically, you are born with it. It just may not show until a later age.
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Does watching television causes lack of blinking?

No, watching television does not cause lack of blinking. You are most likely so concentrated on the TV that you are forgetting to blink. Soon your involuntary muscles will cau

Does watching TV cause global warming?

Home use is responsible for more than half of the total output of carbon dioxide. Appliances (A/C, heat, water heaters) account for 70% of home electricity use, and another 10

Can watching TV cause acne?

Watching tv cannot give you acne, they are two different things... however not washing you face can :)
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How does watching television cause global warming?

Television uses electricity that is mostly generated by burning fossil fuel (coal, oil and natural gas). Burning fossil fuels releases extra carbon dioxide into the greenhouse
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Can watching to much tv cause autism?

Obviously not - autism is a neurological condition, apart from thefact that peole are born autistic, watching TV cannot change yourbrain.
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Can led tv cause eyestrain after watching for a couple hours?

Yes. LED flickers causing severe eyestrain and even nausea in some people. The industry is pushing for LED's due to the slimmer profile and decreased energy consumption. You c