Is Ajmer in Rajasthan?

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Yes, Ajmer is in Rajasthan but its famous for the bharma jee's mandir , which one and only in the whole world . its not famous for golden temple , golden temple is situated in amritsar pabjub ,
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Mds university ajmer of rajasthan website?

Answer If you are looking at this university particular to a MD degree, I do not see where they offer this program. However here is a link that can put you in touch with that

Where to get the yellow fever vaccine in ajmer?

I do not believe that the yellow fever vaccine is available at Ajmer. The closest place would be Delhi Delhi Airport, Mumbai Airport, and other Indian Government Vaccinati

Is bhagwant university Ajmer rajasthan approved by AICTE?

Bhagwant University is Established by Govt. of Rajasthan & UGC Recognized. This is very good Private university. AICTE has declared their norms that is University is giving De

Why is rajasthan refer as rangeelo rajasthan?

Colors make people to get easily attracted.Rajasthan, is referred to as rangeelo Rajasthan mainly because ofthe colorful nature of the entire state. The fairs and festivalthat

Why is do you refer to rajasthan as rangeelo rajasthan?

Rajasthan is the only state in Indian that is more colorful mainlybecause of its fairly colorful fairs and festival. Rangeelo heremeans highly colorful. The regions which are