Is Alexandria Virginia in West Virginia?

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No, Alexandria is definitely in Virginia. (NOT West Va.) The fact that it is called "Alexandria, Virginia," not Alexandria, West Virginia," ought to be a clue.
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Who is the mayor of the city of Alexandria Virginia?

William D. Euille is the mayor of Alexandria, Virginia.. Euille, a Democrat, graduated from Quinnipiac University in 1972. He was on the Alexandria School Board from 1974 to

What county is Alexandria Virginia in?

Arlington County. However as an incorporated city in Virginia,it is not subject to the jurisdiction of it's county, it is legallyand politically independent of it's Arlington

How far is Moseley Virginia from Alexandria Virginia?

Moseley mountain in the jefferson national Forest is 207 miles from city hall in Alexandria approximately 3 hours 50 minutes driving in weather that does not require reduce sp

Why is West Virginia West Virginia?

At the time of the American revolution the territory of Virginia(the largest colony and state) included what is now west virginiaand part of southern Ohio. When the state of V