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American Liberty University (A.L.U.) is completely fake. It is a scam operated by a guy who looks like Borat and who has no ethics. Kevin H. Soltani is the biggest fraud on the planet. He steals people's resumes and put them in his catalog as if they were faculty, when in fact they don't even know they are listed. In my opinion this guy Soltani belongs behind bars because he is a thief and a scam artist. If you sign up for this school you will be sorry. You will be laughed out of any place you apply at for a job. The guy who originally posted here is obviously a shill, because American Liberty University's reputation in the US and worldwide is that it is a complete joke, a scam, a fraud, a fake and a rip off. I bet he never took a class and if he has a degree at all it was paid for with a credit card and no class work. What a dope, he could have printed one a Kinko's that was worth the same as the one he got from ALU--nothing! The only job you are fit for with an ALU "degree" is sweeping floors and emptying garbage bins, because your "degree" is nothing but proof that you are a gullible fool and an inept scam artist.
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