Is Ashley Monroe related to country singer bill Monroe?

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no shes not related to bill monroe, i asked her personally at a meet and greet in nashville last year when she was singing with the pistol annies.she said she gets asked all the time by fans, and she said it would be an honor to be related to such a country legend as bill monroe.
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What is monroes?

if you are referring to the piercing Monroe it is an upper lip piercing

Was Marilyn monroe a singer?

yes, she sang songs like Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend, I Wanna Be Loved By You, and the infamous Happy Birthday to president JFK.

Who was monroe?

Marilyn Monroe was a famous actress and James Monroe was a US President

How did Bill Monroe die?

Monroe suffered a stroke in April 1996, effectively ending his touring and playing career. He died on September 9, 1996. Presumably from complications from the stroke, though

Was singer Matt Monro Scottish?

No, he was English, despite his Scottish-sounding stage surname. He was born in London as Terence Edward Parsons.

What did Monroe do?

Monroe was a BAD MAN!! he broke little kids fingers and blew up granny spakers house up
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Who is Ashley Monroe?

Ashley Monroe (born September 10, 1986 in,_Tennessee ) is an American singer-songwriter.