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Ashwood is an accredited online university. Accreditation is not a government issued license, it is a voluntarily procedure that most universities and colleges take part in. This allows them to ensure that a standard set of guidelines is followed to provide quality education. Accredited universities degrees are considered legitimate and recognized everywhere.


Ashwood University is simply a part of a BIG internet scam. See remarks below:

Ashwood University is a Scam
Ashood University is a part of a large collection of websites that SCAM users by taking their money and not providing a product. In some cases, they do sell a diploma or degree that is totally fake and useless.Consumers need to be warned about Ashwood University and ALL of the other website associated with this group in Pakistan. Below is a list of other FAKE schools associated:

  • Ashwood University
  • Belford University, Belford High School
  • Cambell University
  • Corllins University
  • Headway University
  • Hill University
  • Lorenz University
  • Northern Port University
  • McFord University
  • Panworld University
  • Rochville University, Rochville High School
  • Western Advanced Central University
  • Western Valley Central University
  • Wilson State University
  • Woodfield University, Woodfield High School
  • Online-Education-Facts-Online.com
  • Speedy-Degrees.com
  • University-College.com
  • WorryFreeDegree.com
  • LifeExperienceDegreesPro.com
  • LifeExperienceDegreeProfs.com
  • Getaccrediteddegreesnow.com
  • Life-experience-degrees-online.com


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Is Belford University a recognized accredited university?

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Is Ashwood University a recognized accredited university?

Ashwood university is accredited by an unrecognized accreditation body. Qualifiactions from the university are unlikely to be accepted as valid by employers or other academic

Is Ashwood University an online school?

Yes it is, but it also offers a life experience degree as well as other universities do. It is known for its lifetime experience degrees, but they do offer an online schooling

Is ashwood university accredited and valid?

Ashwood university is accredited so the degrees issued by the university will be accepted everywhere. It also depends on which country and region you are located in. A college

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Is Ashwood University an accredited university?

Ashwood University is not accredited by any recognised accreditation body. As such, its degrees may not be acceptable to employers or other institutions, and use of degree tit