Is Batman in love with Wonder Woman?

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It all depends on your source of information. If you're following paper comics, the only writer to really address the relationship is Joe Kelly. He plays around with it, but decides, in the end, to leave it alone.
He was probably trying to develop a story that was first brought out in the DC Animation Continuum (DCAU). If you don't know what that it: it's the Batman, Superman, Justice League cartoons that ran for about five or six years before Warner Brothers lost permissions to make the shows. Bruce Timm and Paul Dini were the creative forces behind these shows and they pretty much build around one world of superheroes- DC based. Wonder Woman comes in with the Justice League shows, but Batman had been around for a while (and so, it was also the case in the continuum). With one episode in the first year of Justice League, "The Brave and the Bold," Wonder Woman tries to stop a missle and gets buried in the process. Batman touchingly/fruitlessly tries to dig her out before she emerges on her own. During all of the cheering at a day saved, she notices his gloves torn from the digging and then kisses him on the cheek.
The fan response was huge, so the writers decided to play around with the story of a relationship between WW and BM. A chief writer on this storyline is Dwayne McDuffie- creator of Static Shock and one of the larger story arches for the DCAU. Notable episodes where WW and BM hint at something happening are, "Maid of Honor," "Starcrossed," "This Little Piggy," "A Once and Future Thing, Part 1," and "Kid's Stuff." In the first of these, Diana and Bruce have a lengthy dance and flirt before getting around to saving the day. In the end, Diana guesses that Batman is Bruce W, but he plays it off. In "Starcrossed," the Justice League shares their identities before separating to rendevous at a later point & Diana & Batman go their own way. To avoid capture, they "pretend" make out.
In "This Little Piggy," BM and WW discuss dating. While talking to the super heroine about saving WW, Batman admits to something going on between the two. With "A Once and Future Thing, Part 1," Green Lantern/ John Stewart gets at Batman about his dating WW and while trying to play it off, Batman is "caught" by WW. And last, the writers had fun with the superheroes as children in "Kids Stuff." Little girl Diana has a "crush" on little boy Bruce that's pretty funny.
In all, the DCAU played with the possibility without letting it distract from larger stories. The main writer in these, McDuffie, has said in an interview that something may yet be written on this storyline. And it seems to be a fan favorite.
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Where is Wonder Woman from?

Themyscira or Paradise Island, one of the (mythical) Greek Isles. this is somewhat odd as she is a commissioned officer in the US Army Intelligence. I believe a naturalized citizen, if qualified ( OCS, that sort of thing) Can become a Federal Officer, but this is somewhat unusual. Wonder Woman is an (MORE)

Does Batman ever kiss Wonder Woman?

Answer . Yes, he does kiss her. In contiguity, which was in JLA v3 #74. He also kissed her in Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman: Trinity, and in Superman/Batman : Generations. Also in the TV show version of Justice League he kissed her...

Is wonder woman in love with Batman?

It depends. In the Justice League animated cartoon, it was heavily implied that Wonder Woman was in love with Batman. In the comics, it depends on who is writing. Some authors write Wonder Woman as being in love with Batman, and others write them as just being good friends.

Who is wonder woman?

she is a superhero for dc comics who has super strength, flight, a lasso of truth, and an invisible jet.

Is there romance between Batman and Wonder Woman in DC comics?

No, there is no romance between Wonder Woman and Batman in the main continuity of DC comics. Diana has had some flirtation with Arthur (Aquaman), and in some Elsewords comics has a relationship with Superman. As far as I know, she has no other canon romantic relationships within the Justice League.

About wonder woman?

Wonder woman is a DC comic hero. She has super speed, the ability to bend metal, super strength and more.

Who is Wonder Woman in love with?

Major or Colonel (ranks vary) Steve Trevor is one of her love interests. it is interesting as she is only a lieutenant in G-2 or Army Intelligence. He is an AF officer as shown by his numerous flying assignments.

Who does Batman love in the dark knight?

he does love that girl from batman begins rachel but she gos out with Harvey dent in the end and he becomes two face and really she dies and Bruce wanye dates a Russian dancer

Is batman going to have children with wonder woman?

[ No, Batman has gay overtones, and the same has been said for Wonder Woman though toned down somewhat. Dr. Wertham attacked both strips in Seduction of The Innocent, way back in l954. comics lost the war... his trousers snapped, that killed a Jap, oh well!-odd battle damage. ] This is one person's (MORE)

What woman can beat Batman in a fight?

There is only two women that can maybe beat batman wonderwoman and hawkgirl because they have experience and the power and skill to but for those who say supergirl if she had five years more experience she would maybe be able to injure his shoes i mean she isn't even half a match for hawkgirl

Is Batman in love with Cat Woman?

He's in love with Selina Kyle. And he's attracted to Catwoman. But they cannot be together. Read HUSH and Heart of Hush by Jeff Loeb and Paul Dini, respectively.

Who is Batman in love with?

Many would say Talia Al Ghul. She was married to him and she is the mother of his son, DamianWayne. They didn't stay together because she realized that if they did, hewould be forced to defend her and would eventually die because ofit, so she faked a miscarriage and forced him to leave her.. He wasc (MORE)

What is wonder woman?

According to her character biography, Wonder Woman is Princess Diana of Themyscira a fictional island nation ruled by Amazon women. She is also a priestess of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite who has given her the special powers she has. Some of the other greek gods and goddesses have gifted her as well. (MORE)

Is wonderwoman in love with Batman or Superman?

In the comic she was shown to be in love with superman although superman treated her like a great friend b/c he thought Lois was "the one" for him.. In the JLA cartoon, however, she was shown to be attracted to batman much more than to superman.

Does Batman love Harley Quinn?

No. The only person shown to love Harley besides her boyfriend whom died long before she became Harley Quinn is the Joker. Even then he only claims to truly love her when she leaves him and starts her own gang, this story arc can be found in the Harley Quinn comic series.

What jl comic did wonder woman fight with batman?

Batman of detective comics fame and Wonder Woman are friends. Batman is a gentleman and doesn"t go around ( Bopping) ladies. he may have lured Catwoman into a trap, but he did not touch her physically. Batman is a good guy and respects Ladies, especially ones like Wonder Woman, there was even a toke (MORE)

Did wonder woman have a sister?

Yes, and of all things she was/is a Black Girl. Nubia the Girl Knight of North Africa figures in a number of Wonder Woman tales and once in Supergirl- how, if they were blood sisters, she is Negro while Wonder Woman is White is not explained. also the Crusader-type get-up would get very hot in North (MORE)

Who played Wonder Girl on Wonder Woman?

Debra Winger played Wonder Woman's kid sister, Wonder Girl, in Season 1 of Wonder Woman on ABC in 1975. It was one of her very first acting jobs. She appeared in two episodes. As of 03/07/2010 she has been nominated for three (3) Academy Awards (Oscars), but she has not won. . Best Actress in a (MORE)

Who was wonder womans mother?

Queen Hippolyta of the Amazons. She is usually shown as a Blonde in the older issues popular in the sixties including new-wave,when the African Girl Knight- Nubia- was introduced in a duel with Wonder Woman!

How did wonder woman die in the comics?

The Revolving-door casket plot device has not, to coin a phrase ( being the idea one can step in and out of death like the revolving doors used in banks and office buildings,) has not, to my knowledge, been used with Wonder Woman. Amazons are not immortal, however, there is an elaborate cemetery on (MORE)

Is Wonder Woman going to be on Smallville?

They have different time lines. Superboy originally took place in the thirties- was later updated in some issues. He already has the love interest of Lana Lang, who appears to have been patterned after actress Arlene Dahl- For considerable length of time Superman (not boy) had both Lois Lane and Lan (MORE)

When did wonder woman get written?

Wonder Woman, to use comic-book parlance ( came Out) in about l94l originally under the heading of Sensational Comics. The title character was created by Charles Moulton.

Who does 'Wonder Woman' fight?

Some of Wonder Woman's main villains are Circe, Cheetah, Doctor Poison, Doctor Psycho, Giganta, Genocide, Ares, and the Silver Swan. She also fights mythological monsters like Medusa, and will fight other superheros' villains when she runs into them, or if the other superheros need help.

Who would win Anakin and Batman vs Wonder Woman and Superman?

if bats knows he gonna fight them he can kill superman even tho wonderwoman would never fight him she loves him and he uses battarangs he can pierce her pump gas in her mouth batman wins with preperation but no prep bat wonderwoman kills batman then takes kryptonite from his utility belt puts it in (MORE)

What does wonder womans crown represent?

Crown authority- state of being a Princess. In monarchist countries there is some ( cadencing) of crowns- apart from physical head size, there are different designs for a Princess, King, Queen, etc. in some cases relatively low-ranking nobles wear a sort of crown. The heraldic term ( Cap of maintena (MORE)

How much does Wonder Woman weigh?

She weighs about as much, unrealistically, as a 6'0" woman who is extremely athletic and very powerful: 64 kgs (140 lbs). TBH, I suspect that there's some fanboy wish fulfillment going on here, and that she's been given measurements which are disproportionate to her abilities and to reality(at lea (MORE)

Does Catwoman love Batman?

Yes. She loves Batman/Bruce Wayne. . From what it seems, there has been a mutual attraction from the very beginning since Batman #1. Catwoman is known as the femme fatale, but she was actually depicted as having genuine romantic feelings for Batman. She wasn't a lady that was just toying with B (MORE)

How much does Batman love Eduardo?

in X = 3/2y / 70x0.0015b² + 19 the ussual algorythm describes the love between Batman and Eduardo equal to or greater than the love between Peter Parker and a nice cobweb

What is wonder womans nicknames?

She is sometimes called Wondy in the letter columns, otherwise the Amazon Princess and similar job-rated titles, It reminds me of the old ad for Studebaker"s Job-rated trucks around l962.

Did wonder woman ever appear on an episode of batman tv series?

No. Batman always seemed to be misogynist ( anti-woman) on one occasion the Catwoman fell into a pit on a construction site- and was left for dead. This was very sad. Batman did not show emotion but made a sort of ( Spockian) argument about a cat having nine lives- and they went back to the Bat Cave (MORE)

Who loves Batman beyond?

Everybody should like batman beyond. He's is awesome! First of all his costume. How he glides. His gadgets. They are all so COOL! that is why I like batman beyond and did you know that there is this download for arkham city. That like gives you 7 playable costumes including the batman beyond's costu (MORE)

Why does catwoman love batman?

Catwoman loves Batman probably because he is a male version of herself. Justice is a big thing for them. They are both dark and run into each other a lot.

How are Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl connected?

Wonder Girl is Donna Troy. she is more or less the adopted daughter of Diana Prince, who is Wonder Woman, former U.S. Army intelligence officer. Donna Troy is a member of the Teen Titans and a vivacious youngish Italian-looking woman. She was rescued from a fire in ( it figures) Chicago by Wonder Wo (MORE)

Is batman secretly in love with robin?

Nope, Batman loves Robin like a son. Which is funny because Bruce Wayne (Batman) did have a son who he hates and later he becomes Night Wing after killing Robin.