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Brazil is a huge country and has many different types of landforms, including mountains. There is a large number of mountains taller than 2 km. Most of them are located along the coast in the Serra do Mar mountain range, but the tallest peaks are located in the Amazon. Brazilian tallest mountain is 'Pico da Neblina' with 2,994m.
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Where is Brazil?

In South America, on the Atlantic side. Brazil is located South America. It's the biggest country in this continent. It's in the Atlantic Ocean side of the continent. And it

Does the country of Brazil have any mountains?

  yes   No.   Brazil has some high places, but not high enough to be called a mountain. The biggest place there is calles: "Pico das Agulhas Negras" (Peak of the

Names of mountains in Brazil?

Mountains in Brazil include: Guiana Highlands, Serra dos Aimorés, Borborema Plateau, Chapada Brazil, Chapada do Araripe, Crystal Mountains, Espinhaço Mountains, Chapada dos