Is Cambodia communist?

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no Cambodia is a democracy and. It became that way after 1975 when Karma Rouge was ; well something happened to him I don't know. It has a multitude of religious beliefs and seems peaceful, I hope. There are many languages spoken and English is one of them ! Yea

What communist nation took over Cambodia?

No foreign nation took over Cambodia. The communist backed Cambodian Rebel's called the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia.. Vietnam briefly occupied Cambodia in the late 1970's

Was Cambodia communist during Vietnam War?

After gaining independence from France, Cambodia became a constitutional monarchy under Norodom Sihanouk. Although believed to be sympathetic to the communists, Cambodia remai

What communist group seized power in cambodia?

The Khmer Rouge was the communist group that seized control ofCambodia in 1975. They instigated the Cambodian Genocide, whichkilled three million people. The Khmer Rouge was d

What communist group took control of cambodia in 1975?

Khmer Rouge, they are infamous for the mass killings of Cambodians everywhere in the country. If a person is suspected of being educated or just even wearing glasses, he/she w

Why did Cambodia become a communist government?

D uring Vietnam War, Cambodian King, Norodom Sihanouk wanted the South and North Vietnam to become one country again. He also allowed North Vietnamese to station in Cambodia.

Cambodia communists were called?

Collectively they were called the "Red Cambodians" in English, much as communist China was known as Red China; however, this exonym was never used, their endonym was a Cambodi