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It is a good question.
No, unfortunately not funny.
However the more correct and comprehensive answer is: He used to be funny.

on fire funny and groundbreakingly so in early years
(1978-1980) Foul Play, Seems Like Old Times and Caddyshack

early 80's still funny
(1981-1985) Modern Problems, Vacation, Fletch and Spies Like Us.

to mildly yet still solidly funny late 80's
(1986-1988) Three Amigos and Funny Farm

things tapered down from there culminating in the talk show debacle of '93
which would mark the loss of his sense of humor. (tough one for anybody)
Tragically never recovered.. :(

*honorable mention Vegas Vacation (1997)
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Did Chevy Chase ever smoke?

Yes. He smoked in the movie Fletch.

Does Chevy Chase have anything to do with the Chevy chase bank?

No, he does not. Chevy Chase Bank was acquired by Capital One in 2009. It was then renamed Capital One Bank. Chevy Chase Bank got its name from Chevy Chase, Maryland, where th

How many times did Chevy chase?

Considering that Chevy loves to chase and its been over 100 years since the first Chevy Chase. 1,000,000 would be low

What is the population of Chevy Chase Maryland?

The population of Chevy Chase in Maryland is 2,878 although this was taken in 2011 and it may have increased slightly since. It is a small town in Montgomery County.

What are some of the funny Chevy Chase movies?

Chevy Chase was in a number of 'Vacation' movies about him and his family. Another successful movie he's been in was Caddyshack and the movie Fletch as well.

When was the Chevy Chase Bank founded?

The Chevy Chase bank was founded in 1955. It was bought by Capital One in 2009 and re-branded into Capital One Bank in 2010. Although its history traces to the 19th century.