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Is Cinco de Mayo a national holiday in America?

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No, but it is celebrated within the Mexican-American community.
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How did Cinco de Mayo get started?

  Cinco de Mayo is a regional holiday in Mexico, primarily celebrated in Puebla. The holiday commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely defeat of French forces at the battl

Why is Cinco de Mayo celebrated?

Cinco de Mayo is a commemoration of the victory by Mexican troops in La Batalla de Puebla on May 5, 1869 during the French-Mexican War. Spanish for "fifth of May," Cinco

Where does Cinco de Mayo come from?

Cinco de Mayo is Spanish for the 5th of May. On this day in 1862 the Mexican Army of 4000 men beat a French army of 8000 at Puebla in Mexico. However it is a completely differ

How long was Cinco de Mayo?

If you are asking how long cinco de mayo lasts, the answer is 24  hours, since it is the calendar day of May 5.    Cinco de mayo is the anniversary of the Battle of Pu

Is Cinco de Mayo a happy or sad holiday?

Cinco de Mayo is both a sad and a happy holiday. Happy because Mexico finally won its independence. Sad because many Mexican lives were lost and are remembered on Cinco de May

Is Cinco de Mayo a national holiday?

Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday in Mexico. Though it is not a national holiday in the United States. it is widely celebrated.

Why do you think Cinco de Mayo has become such a significant holiday world wide?

Actually, Cinco de Mayo is not widely celebrated worldwide. It is mainly celebrated in the area of Puebla in Mexico and by people of Mexican descent in the United States, alth