Is Daniel Manning related to Payton and Eli Manning?

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No he isn't. Daniel Manning has absolutely no relation to Peyton, Eli, Archie or Cooper Manning.
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Is Eli Manning married?

The NFL player who plays for the New York Giants currently, is married. His wife's name is Abby McGrew

What teams has Eli Manning played for?

Eli has only played for the Giants. He was drafted by the Chargers, but had stated from day 1 that he wouldn't play for them, so after they drafted him, he was traded to the Giants for Philip Rivers and draft picks.

Are Eli Manning and Peyton Manning brothers?

Yes, Eli and Peyton Manning are brothers. Their father is college football Hall of Fame quarterback Archie Manning.\n. \n. \n. \nTheir brother Cooper, also played football. He was the best high school wide receiver of his time. Unfortunately, he took a career ending injury in college.

Where does Payton Manning live?

Payton Manning does not live with his brother, Eli (NY Giants). Instead, he lives in Indianapolis (temporarily) by his home stadium (IND Colts). indinapplis

Does Eli Manning have kids?

Eli Manning and his wife have three daughters: . Ava Frances Manning . Lucy Thomas Manning . Caroline Olivia Manning

Are Eli and Peyton Manning related?

Yes they are brothers. Peyton is the older brother. Peyton and Eli are sons of QB Archie Manning. . They also have an older brother named Cooper who played WR for Peyton in high school and some in college. However he was diagnosed with spinal stenosis which ended his career and prevented him fro (MORE)

Who is better Peyton Manning or Eli Manning?

Peyton is way better, but when you think about it Peyton is just as equally good at Football as Eli is. (But i vote for Eli because that's my opinion, and it only matters on who you like better.)

What are Eli Mannings awards?

Eli Manning has won several awards. He's won the Conerly trophy,The Independence Bowl MVP award, Johnny Unitas Golden Arm award,The Maxwell award, and the Best Play ESPY award.

Who drafted Eli Manning?

The San Diego Chargers drafted Manning with the first choice of the 2004 draft and traded him to the Giants for their first choice in the 2004 draft, Philip Rivers.

Who was quarterback before Eli Manning?

Kurt Warner, whom the Giants brought in to mentor and back up Eli Manning, as well as to start games until he was ready, was the last Giant to start before Manning. Kerry Collins had been the Giant quarterback before that. Warner, Manning, and Collins all had very good seasons in 2008.

What is value of Eli Manning signature?

eli's signature is worthless.....and so is his skills as a qb and his attitude!. eli's signature is worthless.....and so is his skills as a qb and his attitude!

Is Eli Manning a Christian?

Yes he is. he foreword David Tyree's book More the just the catch. In the foreword he explains that him, Peyton and cooper all went to church together every Sunday

Who does Payton manning play for?

The person to whom you are referring is Peyton Manning . He has played for the Denver Broncos since 2012. Manning was originally with the Indianapolis Colts from 1998 to 2011.

Is Cooper Manning Eli Manning?

No! Just google "Cooper Manning" for more info on the older brother. Archie manning, the Mannings father, played football . NO. Cooper Manning is the older brother of Peyton and Eli Manning. BUT COOPER DID PLAY FOOTBALL. He was diagnosed with spinal stenosis in his freshman year of collage as (MORE)

Is payton manning in the hall of fame?

Who's Payton Manning. I only know Peyton Manning. And Peyton Manning is not in the hall of fame because he's still active. He will be inducted 5 years after his retirement.

Do Eli and Abby Manning have kids?

Yes. On March 21, 2011, the New York Giants quarterback and his wife welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ava Frances. According to ESPN, the baby weighed seven pounds, four ounces.

Did Eli Manning retire?

Yes, Eli Manning has currently retired 2 weeks ago as of March 19, 2012 from the NFL Organization. He spent his career playing for the New York Giants.

Is Eli Manning getting a divorce?

No, there are no reports of Eli Manning getting a divorce. Him andhis wife Abby have been married since 2008 and they have twodaughters together.

Does Peyton or Eli Manning have children?

no. neither one of them have children. don't know about Eli, but i know that Peyton is waiting until after retirement to have children so he doesn't miss them grow up.

Is Eli Manning a Mormon?

No. The Manning brothers are Christian, but they are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church).

Did Eli Manning ever get an award?

2× Super Bowl MVP (XLII, XLVI) Sporting News Sportsman of the Year (2008) Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award (2003) Maxwell Award (2003)

Was the prophet Eli a blind man and how?

Eli was a priest in the temple and he was not a prophet, he was there when the mother of Samuel , gave him as a baby in the temple. Eli was very old and could have had weak eyes.

What round was Eli Manning drafted?

Eli Manning was the first pick of the first round in the 2004 NFL Draft. He was drafted by the San Diego Chargers and was traded that day to the New York Giants for quarterback Philip Rivers.

Is Eli Manning a morman?

No. Peyton and Eli Manning have never been baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church). They are Christians, though.

Why is Payton Manning so famous?

Payton Manning is one of the most famous players in the NFL because he is a highly talented and well mannered athlete who attracts a lot of sponsors. He also has won a super bowl and holds the record for highest QB rating over a season and most games with 4 or more touchdowns.