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Is Deelishis dating Busta Rhymes?

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Yes she is!! She is working on an album with him and she is also going to be starring in a movie coming out this year!
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Who is Busta Rhymes dating?

Privately known for years to have a "BEAUTIFUL" woman, caramelcomplexion w/naturally curly big hair seen in WWLA

What is Busta Rhymes' religion?

He is not the Sunni or Shia type of Muslim. he is a 5 percenter Muslim which is also called the Nation of Gods and Earths

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When was Busta Rhymes born?

Busta Rhymes was born on May 20, 1972.

Is busta rhymes broke?

Those rumors are always circulating about rap industry icons that aren't Diddy or Jay-Z. Even if he were (which I doubt), as bankable of a talent as he is, he could turn that