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A good site!

BUT my friend met a guy on there who we later found out was an online pedophile, so if you are okay with that...
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How good is this site?

This site is a very good well known site we try to give the truth about information why sometimes other sites ( none in particular ) don't give the real truth so if you need a

Why is this a bad site?

  It's not a bad site - it can be a good source of information and knowledge.

Why is this site bad?

It isn't bad. The site is very informative and very well run by a team of over 1,000 Supervisors (admins) all over the world. Poor quality answers are caused by immature

What is a good site?

Everyone likes warrior cat roleplaying sites... Do you? There is the best one listed below! http://www.warriorscatsroleplayhere.wetpaint.com Thanks, make sure to go on it beca

Is this a good site to be on?

It depends on who's answering your question.... check the contributor trust of the person before trusting them.that is true you got trust the person that is answering

How did you know if one site is good or bad?

Compare the site to at least two other good sites, then see if Wikipedia has the same information and facts. If it does, the site's reliable. If Wikipedia disagrees with the i
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Has any good Muslim been criticised for hating a bad Muslim on other sites?

I once went on another site just to ask a question relating another matter but came across a comment made by site member that she was leaving because she was a Muslim, so I de

Is this a good site for people or is this a stupid site?

This site is a great resource for people seeking real information or help with their car or maybe just to get started in the right direction on a research project. SOme of the
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What is a bad site?

Well it probrobly depends on what you think is a bad site like if it crashes your computer you might think thats a bad site to go on.

Is animal jam a really good site or bad?

Well, the site animaljam.com appears to be an educational site,  right? Wrong. More like a dating site! People say "Do you like me"  and do heart signs and stuff.. NOT GOOD